Josh Murray and Nick Viall go to battle over Amanda Stanton

Bachelorette 2016 Joelle Fletcher

This season on Bachelor in Paradise infamous foes Josh Murray and Nick Viall come face to face for the first time since going to war for the affection of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman.

In fact this match up is epic for many reasons:

1: It was Andi’s fantasy suite time with Nick Viall and the “fiancee sex” that ultimately caused her relationship with Josh to implode.

2: Nick Viall’s amazing airplane video where he contended that all Josh did was “sleep and sh!t all day” during his time on The Bachelorette. And now he has to see Josh! Awkward!

3: Andi just released a tell-all book where she blasts both Nick and Josh…I mean low blows.

So one of two things was going to happen for these two sexual competitors. They were either going to fall head over heels for each other and bond over their hatred for Andi Dorfman or they were going to butt heads and come to blows over their hatred for one another. And it looks like it was the latter.

Josh arrives and immediately is hot for Amanda Stanton even though he knows that Nick also kind of likes her.

Josh and Amanda hit it off right away. In fact the over the top affection is a bit suspect in my opinion. I sort of think Josh is more interested in proving to the world that he is straight than in finding an actual life partner.

On Famously Single one of his castmates made a comment about thinking Josh could be gay since he was so “picky”. I confess, I thought this on Andi’s season. There’s just a lot of posturing and bravado with Josh, but I digress.

So Josh appears on BiP fresh from relationship therapy mind you where he was set up with several very attractive women. Luckily he is still ‘famously single’ when he arrives to paradise but seems to have tunnel vision for Amanda.

Josh also seems really interested in getting as many digs in at Nick as possible which is funny since it was Josh who won The Bachelorette, not Nick.

And as soon as Josh starts to like Amanda, Nick seems to like her more than he did before. In fact Amanda wrote this in her blog about Nick’s feigned feelings for her before Josh arrived.

“He told me he wanted to be on the same page as far as dating other people and made it clear as day that we were going to both explore our options… (Which) is why when Josh arrived the next morning, I didn’t hesitate to say yes to the date.”

But on Tuesday things started to heat up between Josh and Nick and they start to fight over the fact that both like Amanda which again is funny since Nick came to meet Jen Saviano. Is he suddenly interested in Amanda when he sees that Josh is?

I mean are these two just hot for each other?

I thought they would be instant BFF’s since both dodged the same bullet — Andi Dorfman — and both are victims of her wrath.

Josh will supposedly lose his sh!t on his fellow BiP castmates on Monday. Perhaps we will finally get to see this “temper” that he is famous for.

At any rate. It’s no secret that once again Josh wins the girl and proposes. Josh and Amanda are engaged. The only question is, can he keep her? And do he and Nick finally make amends?

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