Robby Hayes ‘blind’-sides fans with a new set of veneers on ATFR

Robby Hayes may not have won the final rose on The Bachelorette, but he did win a fresh styling session compliments of Smile Stylist and friend Dr. Jason Olitsky.

I am just now catching up on the After the Final Rose episode and I am stunned! No, nothing to do with the 9-week-journey-to find-undying-love that left Robby broken-hearted by Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher, but because of Robby’s makeover!

My first comment, before seeing anything online, was “is Robby wearing Invisiline on ATFR?”

I mean I could not even concentrate on him talking about Jojo because I was so distracted and blinded by his pearly whites…talk about being “blind”-sided. NTM there was a faint whistle every time he spoke.

I was so hoping (for Robby’s sake) that it was just Invisiline, but…

Oh no. It’s much worse than that. It appears that Robby is sporting a fresh set of veneers.

I can not believe he made the big veneer faux pas! Veneers are so 2011. I thought everyone learned their lesson about how bizarre they always look in the end.

Thankfully, the Jacksonville, Florida native did talk to Us Weekly about the situation.

Apparently when Hayes got home after sobbing into his pocket square he visited his good friend / cosmetic dentist Dr. Jason Olitsky in Jacksonville.

“Basically, I went in there looking for a slight touch-up, like a few months of Invisalign. My teeth weren’t bad to begin with, but I thought they could be a little better.”robby-hayes-teeth

Oh no. Well I genuinely no longer feel horrible about his heartbreak with Jojo. He will recover from that.

Now I feel horrible that he did this to himself. Veneers are awful. They permanently grind your real teeth down to knobs and you can never get them back again!

And for the love of God! There was NOTHING wrong with his teeth! They were so cute before. Robby said this about how it all unfolded,

Well yeah Im sure he was! He wanted you to be a walking billboard. Here’s the thing. I have spent extensive amounts of time examining the whole veneer situation and I finally figured out what is so off-putting about them. It is not the brightness of the teeth, its the opacity.

Real teeth have a transparency and absorb and transmit light as well as reflect light. Veneers only reflect light so they always look weird.

Luckily, Robby is happy with his new look though…although I think he will rue the day he made this decision very soon.

“When I told Dr. Olitsky what I thought would be best for me, he had some other plans,” Hayes says. “So he [decided on] the best dental plan for me, and him being my dentist, I trusted him and went that route. Very happy with the results!”

Well, Robby’s appearance on AFTR just turned into a whole new situation!

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