Amanda Stanton disses ex boyfriend Robby Hayes

I’m really glad that two-time Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton is not taking the high road in discussing her relationship with ex-boyfriend Robby Hayes. The high road is so overrated and unproductive.

Full disclosure is much better and more fun. Not to mention you have a duty Amanda to protect women in the future who may want to date Ro Hay.

Anyhow, let’s back up a minute. Amanda’s rather unflattering comments about Robby come after he posted a very obnoxious, self-righteous attack on Twitter a few days ago.

“I’ll never understand why there’s such a desperate need to present an ‘innocent persona’ and resort to allowing allegations that are blatantly untrue be said about me by ‘the twins’ while one sits back and ‘unknowingly’ watches these malicious attacks continue against me,” he wrote in the lengthy post.”

Obviously Robby was referring to the cheating allegations leveled against him by the Ferguson twins. The 27-year-old ex actress shot back with some incriminating photos of Robby cuddling with Lindsey Duke.

So Amanda understandably did not hold back in a recent interview. When asked who had the worst breath on Season 4 cast, Amanda quickly responded, “Robby,” following it with, “He’s the only one I got close enough to. He wasn’t bad, but…”

It’s hard to believe that Robby wouldn’t make sure he’s minty fresh given the copious amounts of time he spends grooming. He even had a smile makeover last year.

In Robby’s defense Amanda has always seemed a little fussy about hygiene issues.

Last June, she commented about being “grossed out” by how “sweaty” ex-fiancé Josh Murray was.

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