Jasmine Lorimer explains her tattoo

On the long awaited season premiere of The Bachelorette Canada we finally met Jasmine Lorimer.

And we learned a lot about the 27-year-old Hair-Stylist from Kenora, Ontario. Aside from just the fact that she suffering from severe childhood trauma, we also learned the interesting story behind her tattoo.

Jasmine has a tattoo that says “explore” on her left wrist.

Kevin Pattee (Kevin P.) pulls Jasmine aside on the premiere to talk to her despite suffering from food poisoning and he asks about her ink.jasmine-tattoo

“I noticed you have a tattoo that says explore so I wanna know more about that? Are you a traveler?”

“Yeah. I was on a trip to Bali–went exploring the area–so there was a cafe where on Tuesday’s it was taco Tuesday and if you bought two tacos you could get a free tattoo so I did it.”

Whaaat?! That is one impulsive and risky decision. I suppose it’s not the worst tattoo considering it only cost two tacos.

Kevin P. also responds, “Whaaaaat?!”

Kevin is shocked, yet intrigued with Jasmine’s rather odd decision. Jasmine is impressed that Kevin is deathly ill and still interested in getting to know her.

I suspect Kevin P. will stick around a while.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesday night’s on the W Network at 9 p.m.


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