Do Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados stay together?

Last Tuesday night on Married at First Sight fans were shocked to hear Nick Pendergrast, 32, confess that he was not attracted to his wife Sonia Granados, 33. Fans were even more shocked when Nick insisted they did not have sex and Sonia insisted that they did!

Needless-to-say, things are not looking good for these two.

‘The attraction has dwindled from the beginning,” Nick tells the Pastor. ‘We’re married, but do I feel like I’m a husband? I want to feel that way with someone.’

So the BIG question is, is there any way in hell that these two stay together?

Yes,…..maybe. Although I will qualify that answer by saying I think it’s a very small chance.

Fans on social media were trying to comfort Sonia by suggesting Nick was just shy. Her reply, “we’ll find out. Maybe it’s not shyness” prompted fans to wonder if he was gay. So let’s start there. Is it possible that Nick is gay?


In fact a lot of fans posted comments about Nick possibly being gay, but according to Sonia that is not the case at all in this situation.soniagranados

Wow! What a healthy and gracious response. And we do know that they had sex multiple times so he can’t be that gay. He also can’t be that un-attracted to her!

Remember she told the Pastor, ‘We had sex — not just once,’ …… ‘Like we’ve had sex.’

Anyhow as to the question, are they still together?

The clues suggest that they do ultimately break up, but they also stay friends. I think that Sonia is the care-taker…I mean she places children in Foster Care for the love of God! So she is obviously an angel.

Whether or not they stay together there are definitely no hard feelings between the two of them.


On September 13th she posted on Facebook,

“This journey has been absolutely amazing. However, this turns out I’m happy I followed my heart and went through with it.”

Aww, well I think Sonia is absolutely stunning and will have zero problem attracting a man at the end of this….

So I guess Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez are the last hope for A&E!

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 10/25/2016 Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados decide to stay married!!

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