Max Spiers, many including his mother think he was murdered

Max Spiers, many including his mother think he was murdered

Super Soldier Max Spiers died under suspicious and mysterious circumstances on Saturday July 16th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland while staying with friends. To me it seemed quite obvious that Max was murdered. My only question was, “by whom”?

Max was interesting to listen to. His information seemed obfuscated by layers of truth — Truth that could be viewed through different lenses. Just when I thought I got it, I peeled another layer and saw the info through a different lense.

It was hard to say ‘Max was good’. It was hard to say ‘Max was bad’, but it was clear that Max was troubled. He admitted many times to being abused and to being fractured and mind controlled.

And the fact that the media is now reporting on his death must mean it is significant to them suggesting his death is bigger than it may appear.

Also be warned the mainstream media’s coverage of Max death has been extremely sloppy to say the least. Many sites have the dates and names wrong. The reason I can write about Max with some confidence is because I have diligently listened to every single one of his interviews multiple times–even the ones in Polish. In fact I googled his name everyday in search of any new updates prior to his death.

I have to listen to the info multiple times. It’s complex and layered. I can’t imagine anyone just learning about Max for the first time could get this story even close to correct.

Some additional important information that has emerged since I wrote the first post on his death:

  • Miles Johnson claims when Max mother Vanessa Bates went to retrieve Max his body was badly decomposed suggesting he died earlier than reported. His mother is also not certain that the body she was given is actually Max’. (This is what I was suggesting in July—that this dead body may not actually be Max and Max may not even be dead). It was Max sister who identified Max through a screen.
  • He texted his mother days before his death on July 14th, ‘Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate’. He also insisted that she not involve his ex girlfriend 31-year-old Sarah Adams (according to Miles Johnson).
  • His mother told KMTV about his time in Poland: ‘…these people seemed to be involved in some very, very dark and dangerous areas of the world and I was afraid that as he was gaining popularity and fame that perhaps somebody would want him out of the way i.e. not alive any longer.’
  • His mother claimed that she was not happy with the girl he was staying with, Monika Duval. Monika would not allow the police or Doctor who pronounced him dead to take Max’ body when they came to her house. The policeman sent to get Max to hospital was refused and sent away and has suffered an accident and will not be available to talk to anyone for at least 6 months.
  • Max’ mother was sent a mysterious package shortly after his death– a book on human sacrifice.
  • Vanessa told The Daily Mail: ‘He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July. ‘He was staying with a woman who he had not known for long and she told me how she found him dead on the sofa.’
  • He and his ex girlfriend Sarah were still in contact. Max was upset and believed that Sarah was dating fellow conspiracy theorist Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone). Sarah claims the two agreed to get back together when Max left Poland.
  • Sarah claims he was being held against his will. ‘He was terrified, he wanted to leave. He rang secretly as they wouldn’t let talk. He said they were trying to get away from them.’
  • Miles Johnson claims Max had died earlier and was reanimated.
  • The UK autopsy on Max came back showing no sign of drugs in his system…28 samples.

I found the timing of his death significant–the fact that days earlier he spoke about being in a secret location only to accidentally reveal later that he was in Cyprus, Turkey. (He travelled there from Poland with Monika for a few days).

Right after the interview the attempted Turkish coup took place on July 15th, 2016 — the coup to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The next day Max was dead.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the faction behind the coup was using Max to assist them and they accidentally killed him in the process.max-spiers-swerdlow

Stewart Swerdlow was very supportive of the coup and was very close with Max and had seen Max very recently prior to his death. Swerdlow was also close to the people who were with Max during his death. Swerdlow was also a Super Soldier deprogrammer and involved in the Montauk Project like Max.

In fact, on July 16th, the day of his alleged death Swerdlow posted a response to someone on his website about Max’ ex girlfriend Sarah Adams saying,

“Max was a troubled person, but with a good heart. I don’t like saying such things, but Sarah was his handler and not to be trusted!”

Very interesting that Swerdlow is quickly trying to shift blame to Sarah.

Max Spiers and girlfriend Sarah Adams
Max Spiers and girlfriend Sarah Adams

Sarah’s initial reaction to the news of Max death was outrage with Swerdlow. In fact she all but accused him of being behind it even telling Miles Johnson that Swerdlow’s wife was giving Max pain pills.

I’m not sure why the conspiracy world is ignoring this war between Stewart Swerdlow and his ex girlfriend Sarah Adams. It seems key.

So suddenly the mainstream media has decided to report on Max death, but why now?

They claim he was about to reveal something big, but seriously why would that change things? Why would he be a threat?

Max’ mother said in a recent interview that Max was ‘exposing’ who was ‘dangerous in the world of government [and] the entertainment world.’ So what? It’s not like Max would list “Super Soldier” on his tax forms.

There would be no official record of him being legit. And there are tons of other conspiracy theorists like Max “exposing” the world of government and entertainment…people with official credentials even and they are not murdered.

Why is the illuminati controlled media so intent on informing the world that Max was murdered because he was going to expose them? It doesn’t make sense.

Miles Johnson has said recently that he believed that some group had taken control of the 39-year-old Super Soldier and were trying to sell him to the highest bidder.

That theory seems plausible to me. In fact right after I learned of his death my gut said he was taken control of by a different illuminati faction than the one that programmed him and they were attempting to reprogram him for their own purposes.

The faction that previously owned Max is angry with the faction that stoled Max and killed him. The former faction is the media which is crying foul over his death.

The same media that will use his death for their own agenda.

In one of his last interviews he claimed there was a war between illuminati factions–a war between the Vampiric and Draconian energies. He also referred to it as the “war of the roses”. Perhaps Max is just a casualty of this war.

Then their is the possibility that Max was a blood sacrifice. I heard conspiracy theorist David Shurter claim that Max was drowned in a bathtub by these people.

Interesting to consider the number of recent bathtub drowning — with Whitney Houston and her daughter. What is the significance of drowning someone? This is yet another rabbit hole that I will discuss later, but I believe goes back to Noah and the flood.

Then there is the possibility that Max isn’t even dead!

Anyhow, this story keeps getting more interesting. Now what is intriguing me is the media’s attention on Max’ alleged death. I don’t buy for a second that he was murdered because he was about to say something.

That is the cover story to distract you from the truth. Pay close attention. Nothing is ever what it appears.

max-spiersMax or a body that was allegedly Max was recently buried in Canterbury cemetery. Interestingly the family is waiting to place a headstone…..

Max Spiers bio


19 thoughts on “Max Spiers, many including his mother think he was murdered”

  1. Hi Mark,

    One thing I think you need to add is that Stewart Swerdlow was ALL of their PROGRAMMER when they were children. His grandfather or greatgrandfather, can[‘t remember) Yakov Swerdlow INVENTED Mind Control for the Russians.

    Swerdlow only knows how to “de-program” because he is there original “programmer” who could still easily be working for the Elite, while pretending to be a whistle blower. You need to know Swerdlow’s history to put all this together….He is best buds with AQ and they work together..

    Thanks for all the work you are doing to get this knowledge out there!


    • PRECISELY!!! he knows how to “deprogram” because he was a “programmer”. Swerdlow and his wife creep me out to know end. As much as I think Sarah has her own issues, I found her reaction to Max death very telling in terms of the “truth”. Her very first reaction was to flip out at Swerdlow.

      I noticed Max had become different in the last few months. I always listened to any of his interviews the minute they came out. Towards the end he was acting very arrogant and reckless. I found that odd. I attributed it to his time w/ SS and Monika who I suspect was working for SS.

    • I know. I can’t for the love of God get those damn buttons to work. Ive been trying for some time. Sorry bout that.

  2. Hi Christine, I left the link to my YouTube Channel. I have followed Max Spiers and his various interviews for several months and I included some of his messages on humanity and the planet in about five going on six videos on my YT channel. So I am well aware of his ‘story’ as well as James Cosbolt. I totally agree with what you are saying here. I am doing another video presently on the Max Spiers Murder and I like you are peeling back the layers of this onion. I have a problem with Mom – Vanessa – all of a sudden going Mainstream after three month’s, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt… like you have. I have listened to her now in about 5 interviews and not once have they (the interviewers) asked her about Max in her pregnancy nor have they asked her about Max being taken away to be a child MK Ultra programmed future Super Soldier. I believe that Michael Aquino (BTW it was Aquino’s Birthday on October 16th as well… Max was hi nelated Bday present when the story went viral on his Bday) and Stewart Swerdlow have everything to do with his demise, but like you I am wondering if he is even dead. The MSM jumped all over the story as we know and that was a flag with me as well. Especially when none of them mentioned that he died on July 16th. It was like the A.I computer released the same story content to all media outlets giving them all the same talking points. Anyway I want to give your Blog some play time in my next video and we can share our thoughts. I don’t think that, Miles Johnston, Sarah Adams, Monika Duval or even Vanessa should get a free pass on this. Check out my videos they are in my most recent posts.

    Great Work,


  3. there is much that is not being said about many of the people involved. Yes the Russians were snooping around and warnings were given.
    He was manipulated into burning a few people when he went to Poland the first time which undermined his foundation. The pain it caused him was placated by alcohol, which they banked on…chuck sra into the mix again who had a hatred of a couple of Max’s close friends and his support is further undermined.
    Simple suggestion can work wonders…

    • Thanks for your input. Yes something is amiss here. I am always looking for the story behind the story. There are some glaring points that are not being made here. I think the war between Sarah and Swerdlow is key.

      I am guessing Sarah knows the most and Swerdlow wants to discredit her before she starts talking to the media.

      The meme we keep hearing is “this is war”. Well yes it certainly is. There is a war between factions. I think both factions were waring over who would control Max.

      Of course its not the Satanists. Its the two versions of the female energy battling for Max’ soul.

      Still not sure if he is even dead. Please let me know if you have any additional insights!

      • Look behind the curtain, it is more than swerdlow & sarah. Puppets at best.
        He always said he was a Messenger, but not quite in the way he would have imagined.

        • I agree it goes deeper than Sarah and Swerdlow. Swerdlow just creeps me out and Sarah….well I think as his girlfriend she knew a lot, but I also saw sarah as a major puppet. She seemed so blind and oblivious in certain areas. But I still think she has info given that Max was texting her the entire time he was in Poland.

          Yes he was a “Messenger” and I believe a Disclosure Agent which is why he revealed so much truth.

          Like I said I never assumed he was “good” despite all of his charisma. Max has said countless times that he was abused and is honey-combed. No one EVER recovers from that. He also admits to having many alters. Those alters are all still there.

          All we ever saw was the Alpha Max, the max that we were allowed to see. My question was always who was allowing Max and James to speak?

          No such thing as a “white hat”. They are all evil at the top. So I am just paying close attention–trying to peel more layers.

          I know that I always have more layers to peel from this onion.

          Thanks again. I enjoy your insight.

        • The other rather odd elephant in the room is his mother. Max has also talked about Project IBIS and how he was abused in the womb conceding his mother was a part of this ritual abuse.

          He talked about being enrolled in special schools for the program so all of this brings his mother in to question. Not that she was a part of his death, but that she was the reason he was so abused and honeycombed.

          I am not speculating or trying to be hard on his grieving mother. This is info Max has already shared about her.

          Seems like a big elephant to me that no one is talking about.

          • Sarah knows things of course as Max did say he was in contact. All I can say is the Max that was portrayed during his time in Poland was not the Max that I knew.
            IBIS and Surrogate are complicated and linked also thru Oaktree as James has certainly said before.
            The use of alternate timelines running concurrently could explain Vanessa’s silence over Max’s early years, save the unspoken that it was all normal and that a lot of it could or did come from the astral/other planes.
            Yes bleed through does happen and something that happens in one fractal will influence the others ergo you get cut in one realm and it can manifest in the others if the will is strong enough, but you will know one way or another.
            A lot of transactions happen in those realms, out of sight, out of mind…
            As for being allowed to speak, truth is stranger than fiction and with no proof in 3d what is there to worry about?
            If one can see much then they will know and you will know. Nothing psi related is allowed without a check on things.
            But I digress, the less people you talk to the less that it might jog others memories, perhaps others who played a more intimate role in things and could thus be construed as more of a threat.
            So it is not so much a case of what he knew, but who and why.. because as you rightly pointed out there are others out there (with government jobs and qualifications) who are speaking out and the implications or plain to see, as much as they ever are in this puppet show.
            Idioms, anagrams, puns.. if you can read various illuminating newspapers and can decode the signs, the messages are all around

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