Death of Super Soldier Max Spiers

I have listened to Super Soldier Max Spiers often over the years. In fact I would credit him for most of my understanding of all the layers of this very complicated and delicate onion of reality.

So I was shocked that the 39-year-old was just found dead in Warsaw, Poland where he was staying with friends on July 16th.

Interestingly, I was just listening to an interview with him where the host Christine Joan Hart asked about where he was and he said “you will never ever know”….but later in the conversation when talking about Turkey he said “we just got here yesterday” indicating that Max was in Turkey at the time of the attempted coup to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

I think that is very significant since the coup was on July 15th– 1 day prior to his alleged death.

Max was indicating that his location was significant and revealing it would put him in danger.

I will write more later on my thoughts about Max, but for now the information about his death is compelling.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

I saw the post by author Stewart Swerdlow which I found unsettling, “Max was very troubled last time I saw him in Poland last month, I knew something was wrong, I hope he has found peace’’.

Sounds like Stewart is trying to dispel any rumors about Max being killed and trying to suggest Max died at his own hands. Incidentally, I never trusted Swerdlow.

In fact I suspect Swerdlow might have been involved since he was also connected with the people Max was staying with in Poland and since Swerdlow was a SuperSoldier “deprogrammer”.

He also lashes out at Max’ ex Sarah Adams calling her “his handler”.

This is a post from Max’ supposed friend Aleksander Berdowicz in Poland from yesterday.


And Christine Joan Hart confirmed…”Max is dead – I heard just last night from Miles – then confirmed it via Taj – his Mother is flying out to Warsaw to be with the body.”

And then this on her most recent interview where Max called in sick,

“Max was supposed to appear on this last show – about targetted individuals – at the very end I read out his text about how he felt he was being targetted – 3 days later he was dead with black liquid pouring from his mouth.”

I believe this was his last interview where he was discussing the war going on between the Vampiric consciousness and Draco consciousness….

Here is a statement from Miles Johnston on Youtube.

“Max Spiers, one of the witnesses to the Bases Project and a ‘supersoldier’, and sparring partner of James Casbolt, was unable to be resuscitated late Saturday afternoon, in a Warsaw apartment, around 6pm local time Saturday July 16th 2016. After strenuous efforts of medical staff, he was declared deceased Saturday evening. This has been a severe shock to all concerned.

I was shortly contacted by two of the closest people to him at his death, Monika Duval and Madlen Namro, who asked me to urgently contact his mother or relatives.

Max had been staying with Monika and was making several appearances with Monika and Madlen on local media, now released (see NTV on YouTube)

The details of what led to his death require to be fully explained, and investigated as is perfectly normal in these cases.

His Mother (in the UK) was finally contacted via facebook late Saturday night. She has yet to visit his remains, and plans to leave for Poland Tuesday 19th.

I was able to contact his former girl friend Sarah Adams in the United States that evening. She remains distraught and shocked.

Pending a full investigation as required by law, the exact causes remain a mystery.

However:- Bases and Project Camelot feels there is cause for concern, that this may have been a murder.

Until such time as all the facts are known and the result of an autopsy announced we have to simply wait and see. In the meantime let us mourn Max’s death, and remember him with fond memories, and send condolences to all his family and friends.”

Max Spiers and his sister Becky
Max Spiers and his sister Becky

More updates to follow.

UPDATE: 7/19/2016

from Miles Johnston Facebook page:


Both the doctor who examined Max and Police who came to the villa… Left the body behind in spite of the fact that they believed Max had died. What kind of officials do this? The entire circumstances are suspicious and I urge everyone to encourage Monika to release the details about what really happened to the public and call for an autopsy.

There is another interview with Max Spiers that was conducted in person by Alesander. It contains very clear indication that Max Spiers was being attacked and sick from the time he returned from Cyprus.


Here is the video from 7/19 of Miles discussing the death with Kerry Cassidy. Miles claims he was told by Monika who Max was staying with when he died that Max had black fluid oozing from his mouth, nose and anus at the time of death. Interestingly, Miles also claims Max’ girlfriend Sarah Adams told him that Swerdlow’s wife had given Max some sort of prescription drugs.

Four days ago I was listening to the Christine Joan Hart interview with Max and made a comment about Max needing to be more professional since he was an hour late in calling in and CJH replied to me,

“Hi Chris – yup, Max didnt come on the last show as he was being psychically attacked by Colonel Micheal Aquino or so he told me.”

Max’s last interview 3 days ago….

Interestingly in the interview he claims his throat feels numb and his face feels like its on fire.

UPDATE 7/21/2016

Miles just posted another video update on the death of Max Spiers. The video is weird because it offers zero information and he just reads some meaningless statement from some anonymous person. It almost appears that Miles is backtracking which really makes me wonder.

In fact I really wonder if Max is even dead. Max has on many occasions mentioned he has a lot of clones out there so how would anyone know if the “Max” they were with was a clone?

The last video I saw of him with the two Polish women Monika and Madlen I even said to myself “thats not him. Its a clone.” Something wasn’t right. It was not the OG Max.

So I suspect it may have been a clone that was killed and Miles didn’t know it was happening and he has since been told to “pipe down because Max is still alive…we are at war”..or something to that affect.

Max mentions in the very last video that he is on the “red rose” team and that there is a war between the “red rose team and the white rose team” aka “war of the roses”.

This is a whole other rabbit hole to look at later — it goes back to Ancient Greece and the “isle of Rhodes” (The Island of Roses where the Greek gods were allegedly alive and at large–they tried to merge the masculine and feminine back then knowing if they did not they would eventually destroy one another), but in short the red rose team is the fusion of the masculine and feminine side and the white rose team is the feminine (the masculine team is gone now for the most part).

The rose is the symbol of the Virgin Mary. So this “war of the roses” is a war between the two female energies trying to dominate this planet now. It also refers to the House of Lancaster vs the House of York (the Tudors) in England. It’s all connected.

I think that is what Miles was referring to in his babbling about “being at war”.

So Max may have been threatened by the white rose team…the Communist / Putin side and may have been taken by them and is now working for them OR has been killed by them. Who knows!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

So stay tuned. I would not be shocked if he reemerges at some point in the future.

Max Spiers bio

24 thoughts on “Death of Super Soldier Max Spiers”

  1. The date of his death… He used to interpret digits. 16.07.2016=779 Number 779 is a message that combines the energies of 7 and 9. It is a reminder for us to lead by a positive example, and for us to look to the divine angels for guidance. … The number meaning 779 shows that this is the right time to help others overcome their obstacles and be a mentor to people who truly need you.

  2. Don’t know Max or this website, fell down a rabbit hole last night looking up the pizzagate… but as far as Max, “vomiting or oozing black liquid…” As a medical professional, this sounds likely an internal bleed, one that involved old blood (possibly slow bleed and hence old blood) -he may have had some type of intestinal bleed. Was he on blood thinning medication? A heavy drinker? I saw something about a “sparring partner” -had he received a particular hard blow to the abdomen recently? I would look down this line of reasoning for some possible answers. Of course you can poison someone with blood thinners as well, the same ingredient in most rat poisons is the same derivative used in the most common blood thinning medication.
    hope it is helpful info.

  3. Thsi amdam hart could talk for herself as muc as shes baabling, my dear god. i thought to hear something from spüiers but she keeps on and on and on

  4. Load of crap…its common that people have black stuff running from every hole in their body when dead or dying…its nothing different.
    max is attention seeking ..congratulations to all you people that pat a supposed cold killer on the back and give him attention for it.
    next yoy will all be writing to murderers in prison asking for their hand in marrage.
    dont give people like him a pedistal and treat him like a god. He died..yes very sad that someone is dead but to be honest…if someone that volitile and unstable is running free among us? Do we really want that.
    max and james should not recieve anymore attention …just complete lies that have grown into bigger lies that they can never back track on.
    max died through his drink abuse and prob drugs on top.
    if autopsy comes back as a heart attack…will you believe it…or will you just all say its a cover up. I bet you will say its a cover up.

    • Im not “patting” him on the back or romanticizing him at all. In fact I would not even say he was “good”.

      There were definitely some questions there. Max has always admitted to being disassociate identity disorder….that his brain is honey-combed … each section is a different alter. The Max everyone saw and loved was just 1 slice of a giant pie.

      Sounds like Max did a number on a lot of people. So I was careful not to say he was “good”. I just said I learned a ton from him because I did.

      I don’t know the full deal. I think Max really had no sense of self or autonomy because he was being controlled all the time. He certainly was charismatic and charming, but there were a lot of things he said that I took issue with.

      That said there was still a lot of truth in there I felt…for whatever reason…like the wars going on.

      Max was a hot mess for sure. He died because he trusted people that were not his friends. If Max was as astute as he appeared he would have known these folks in Poland were not real friends. I mean that much is certain from the video and from their reaction to his death.

      There are many possibilities including the possibility that he isn’t dead but what is certain is these Polish “friends” were up to no good in some way.

  5. Shame that someone has died but if you play with fire ie drugs and drinks will shorten your life.
    the black gunge oozing from him is common when people die from long abuse of drink and drugs. When the heart stops pumping it no longer puts oxygen in the blood making it look black thus when mixed with stomach acids does not help.
    now if he goes for a post mort…and the conclusion is a heart attack…im sure all conspiracy people will say its a cover up.
    so really is it worth having an autopsy as you wont believe the normal outcome.
    max was obviously a troubled guy seeking attention in anyway possible. Lies upon lies about his life as he seeks an audiance. Sad that people have to lie and want to be a wannabe … if it was true about what he says…why would you people put an unstable apparently cold killer on a pedistal and give him what he wants.
    If he is a cold killer and done all he supposed to lile james casbolt then i recommend everyone stop patting idiots like these on their backs.
    they are not heros or gods just twisted freaks who cant live without attention

    • @Alien , Thing what get me about people like you. You bang on about this cold blooded killer and that cold blooded killer , and not to put them on some kind of pedestal or pat them on the back. Yet you yourself have obviously been watching these videos to be able to name at least two of the main characters in this strangeness. There fore why would you even bother watching this stuff if these people are so horrible. Then again you are a Dr. None the less i’ll give you some advice don’t disrespect anyone who has just Died the guy wasn’t even cold and your slagging him off. What has he ever done too you , think i sense a hint of jealousy maybe!

      • There are a lot of people in this age, I think growing by the day, who actively seek out and use anything, anyone different, anyone in a sensitive position for example (who makes unverifiable claims, for example), to dominate, to create a false sense of self-superiority.

        I see it so much, it seems to partly define attitudes to some extent in this age.

        How terrible.

        There are lots of them gravitating to isolated, vulnerably placed people like Max Spiers was.

        I remember a few years ago when young Amanda Todd was bullied to suicide by a gang from her school in Port Coquitlam near Vancouver, a few years ago.

        Amanda posted a video blog in Youtube, a self recorded video of herself. She made it to try to explain to her family how she could no longer go on living with the day to day bullying of the gang who had at various times made clear to her that she must kill herself. Then she did kill herself.

        On this Youtube page, in the days after her death when it was making international news, thousands of comments were made under the video.

        About just less than half of these comments were people with loving messages, often, expectedly making comments against the bullied who killed Amanda.

        However just OVER half of these comments were people, comment after comment, celebrated the killing of Amanda for example expressing congratulations to the gang who hounded Amanda to her death.

        Many commenters praised the “excellent result”, saying it was the right thing to happen, that the gang had done well, that Amanda obviously deserved to die, that she shouldn’t have been allowed to live as long as she had lived, that she shouldn’t have been born and so on.

        In a way it may be a lesser thing than the insanity in most people, talking about those who gravitate to seek superiority by ridiculing people like Max Spiers.

        Today this may be a satanic world we are living in, and if we are not in the vortex of the satanic club we may also not be prepared to deal with it.

        RiP Max Spiers.
        (RiP Amanda Todd).

  6. Ffs people, Max is very obviously on narcotics in this last interview. As well as has seemed to be loaded in other interviews that I’d began watching, then subsequently quit watching because I didn’t feel like listening to some wasted Guy’s stream of consciousness B.S. . I have never heard an interview with him where he wasn’t simply repeating someone else’s research – never a word of new information coming out of him. Yes, it’s sad that he’s passed away but , I seriously doubt there is any foul play involved…merely irresponsible consumption . Sorry.

    • maybe not. I certainly would not claim to know. I am just reporting the facts as they come in and that is what Miles says he was told by her. People can make their own decisions.

      The caller Sandra in the Kerry Cassidy video makes some interesting claims to consider. Thats why I included all of it.

      There are so many possibilities for sure including the possibility that he is not even dead.

  7. My friend and mentor had sadly departed, l so wanted it to be untrue, but sadly its the reality we have to face now..
    Mad was a wonderful insightful guy, that would go out of his way to help you make sense of things that don’t make sense, l always said that l would stand as a warrior by his side when the battle commences,, but he may not there physically,, but l know he will be beside his brothers and sisters to fight for the good of humanity
    We have lust a beautiful soul, and a beacon in any plight.. RIP… MAX, YOU WERE ONE OUT A KIND… FLY HIGH…

    • I have to confess I feverishly searched for new Max Spiers videos everyday. I learned more from him than anyone. He certainly was charming and unbelievably smart. I will miss the glee of discovering a new Max Spiers vid to listen to and learn from.

      • There are many brave souls speaking truth now but Max was one of my favorites. We all need to pray for him to break free of Earth’s prison “grid/matrix” There are now some holes in it according to Simon Parkes and some souls are escaping the “loop” of reincarnation forced upon us and are now allowed to ascend. Max was from to help! He tried despite the horrendous efforts thrown at him to thwart his mission. PRAY he can come back as a walk in if it is his soul’s desire…Things are happening fast and I don’t want him to miss the show! STAY DILIGENT! STAY IN LOVE! Please, Pray for the liberation of James Casbolt too! He knows as much as Max.

        • Yeah, its very very confusing. Max has said multiple times that he has countless clones running around. I’m just confounded by the whole thing, but like he said there are many many layers to everything he says so I go back and listen to the videos again in search of clues.



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