Who was Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers?

Thirty-nine-year-old Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died on July 16th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland under rather suspicious circumstances.

Max was a self-proclaimed Super Soldier, and Satanic Ritual Abuse victim.

Of course the term ‘Super Soldier’ connotes images of a super human–someone with God-like strength and abilities. But this is not really what the term means according to Max.

In the book The Men Who Stare at Goats, Welsh journalist Jon Ronson documented the how the U.S. military was trying to create these soldiers capable of parascientific combat techniques like remote viewing, astral projections, and mind reading.

Max and his foe and fellow Super Soldier James Casbolt assert that these fantastic claims are actually true. In fact the two have made a career out of extrapolating on the claims–regaling us with stories about being programmed with black magic, torture, technology, etc.

In fact both Max and James acquired a cult following of fans who were enthralled with their tales of epic battles on the physical and astral plane and on wild conspiracies regarding very famous and powerful people in a war over who would control humanity.max-spiers-james

So who was conspiracy theorist Max Spiers?

Max claimed that he was involved in project mannequin along with James Casbolt in the UK which is an extension of the NAZI uberman projects — an effort to create a a super human warrior and breeder–that he had been involved with this since birth through his parents.

Max also said he was connected with the Montauk Project and time travel and manipulation–interesting in light of all of the recent events with CERN and shifting timelines.

Max was more sensitive than James. He was a little nervous and awkward, yet somehow extraordinarily charismatic whenever he spoke.

He never tried to hide the fact that he had multiple personalities. He mentioned it many times. I sort of felt it was a warning to his audience. The kind, charismatic Max that he always presented in interviews was only one aspect of Max.

There were others. The Alpha Max insisted he would never murder anyone, yet at other times he conceded that he had alters capable of real evil.max-spiers

I also found it fascinating that he and James offered the disclaimer that they were neither good nor bad. In fact this concession was what made them both seem believable to me. Neither was pretending to be “good”. And they were warning their audience that they were not.

Max was in the process of “recovering” from all of the mind control. Although my suspicion is simply that Max changed teams and was being used by another faction of the illuminati…the one that poses as “light”. And if you listen closely Max admits that. So Max was exposing truth, but the question was, why was he being allowed to expose these truths?

The truth he was exposing was helping to further the agenda of another illuminati faction, the light aka the “light bearer”–more on that later.

He often spoke about AI- Artificial Intelligence, cloning centers, and spiritual wars happening between illuminati factions. So despite the fact that Max was being manipulated by some powerful people he was still revealing some significant truths.

I never assumed Max was “good” or that he was working for a greater good. I simply tried to extract the rather epic truths he was exposing in his many interviews in an effort to piece it all together for myself.

Max Spiers Biography

Spiers was born in Brighton England and grew up in Canterbury, Kent, and Brighton, but also spent time living in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. He was born to mother Vanessa Bates on the winter solstice, December 22nd of 1976.

His father is a bit of a mystery though, but he was a linguistics professor named Johnathan Spiers who teaches at Queen Mary University of London. Max parents were students at Sussex University and separated when he was young. I have a theory on this–that Max’ father comes from the Bush bloodline–more later.

Max was named after the famous Beatles song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” from their Abbey Road album.

Vanessa remarried when Max was 5 in 1981 and lived in Kent, England for about 8 years with step-dad Colin Bates.

Spiers attended the prestigious St Edmunds School in Canterbury, England as a child and teen before attending acting school in London alongside Orlando Bloom.

In fact Max claims that Bloom was his Godfather and was at his side at his baptism at Canterbury Cathedral and confirmation into the church of England. He also claims that he was enrolled in a secret boarding school with Bloom that he does not name.

In the 90’s his family moved to Los Angeles for about 15 years.


His mother was a school teacher. He had a sister, Becky Bates, 30 and a brother Josh Bates, 29 who was developmentally disabled after being born three months early.

Everyone knew Max had a gorgeous girlfriend, 31-year-old Sarah Adams. The two dated for 3 1/2 years before breaking up earlier this year. The two had actually known one another for 7 years and oddly met via James Casbolt. They often spoke at the Bases Project with Miles Johnson and were supposed to speak at the Project this last August.

Sarah contends that she works with some benevolent groups to ensure we stay on a “positive” timeline–although any group with that kind of power can not be good in my opinion.

She also contends that she and Max were talking the whole time the he was in Poland and that they were going to get back together.

Miles Johnson has been saying that Max was dating Monika Duval prior to his death but Sarah adamantly denies that, claiming that Monika was obsessed with Max.max-spiers-sarah-adams

But prior to Sarah Max was with his ex wife Nicola Spiers for 10 years. The two had a child together, Jack.nicola-spiers

Apparently prior to his death Max had developed a bit of a drug addiction. He was scheduled to speak at the Bases project in August, but died just prior to the event in Warsaw, Poland on the sofa of Polish friend Monika Duval.

Sarah claims Max was in Poland to to try and recover from his drug problem and get healthy, but in the process got involved with this dark group.

Sarah Adams and Max mother believe he was sacrificed by the shadowy Satanic cult – and may have been ‘slowly poisoned’.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Very suspicious death, i have researched his words on cell biology and it is quite true.

    The 4th dimension sounds interesting in how the race is controlled.

    travelling the world does answer how each country has their own control system.

  2. Max Spiers said he came from a satanic family.
    This is a common facter in these programmes that we know exsist.
    They are not all to be blamed..but the powerful ones should not be allowed to operate eg Michael Aquino Jimmy Saville there are too many to name sanction by the state protected by the forces and covered up with help from mainstream media. Endless cases. Who wants to be a satanist?
    It seems peodophiles love our kids more than society.. theyre setting up all kinds of things in the name of children.
    Even the catholic church..retaining the pegan goddess worship sacrifice tennet symbolism and trinities which are not in the bible but which have infiltrated part of church of England churches built on sacrificial sites which many retain underground complexes.
    The only way we can change all this evil is to tell the truth..spread the word..gather our imformation together expose and get our leaders to admit its happening and admit its evil and put a stop to it without being afraid of the witches..after all it was the victims and witnesses that were burned mostly women.
    There’s nothing wrong with the ancient practice of herbal medicine or even spitital healing can work if it comes from a good place..
    But sexual ritulistic abuse,torture, murder,canibalism and in more recent global pedo prostition rings and extensive child porno webs including torture and murder all covered up..because we can’t take it..
    And that is the very reason why we should keep talking about it until its all out in the open and it has to stop..most people are will not stop until everyone admits it is happening and has been happening.
    Where is Children of Gehenna? mentioned in the bible as never to forget..where they sacrificed their children to MK or MLK or molech molok..through fire which is the god represented by the huge owel at bohemian grove in California why
    Would they do that..why would they cremate care..which is the evil ritual they are being initiated into as Paul Benotti and others said were used at the camps for gay pedo activity and rape.We all have a mouth we must speak to everyone and rescue the hampstead2 from cults which continue.


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