Who is Catching Kelce star Lauren Schwab?

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 27 has been making cuts for weeks to his team of potential WAGS. One lovely lady who has made it through the cuts thus far is 29-year-old Lauren Schwab representing the state of Missouri, but currently living in Los Angeles, California.

(Kansas was already taken by Tanner Tolbert’s sister, Kara).lauren-schwab

Lauren owns two gyms in the LA area, one in Pacific Palisades an another in Venice Beach. So I presume Lauren is pretty wealthy because that is some pricey real estate.

She certainly impressed Travis on the field with her athletic skills and no wonder given that she is a fitness instructor and personal trainer and according to Travis, “wife material”.

So although she has lived in Missouri, she grew up in Kansas attending Valley Center High School and then Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. And unlike some contestants (Avery Schlereth), she actually did exceptionally well in school maintaining an impressive 4.0 in college.

Lauren was an athlete in High School and college playing basketball. So this girl knows how to handle her balls.

She was also cast in another reality show in 2014 on Syfy called Opposite Worlds. The bizarre theme had contestants live in a house with two juxtaposed themes — the past and the future.

Fast forward to the 23 minute mark to see Lauren.

Well I wonder if the “future” saw her with an NFL tight-end?

Stay tuned to see who Travis chooses for his official WAG.

One contestant vying for the heart of Travis is Tanner Tolbert’s little sister Kara!

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