9 Things to know about RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley replaced Yolanda Foster on season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 40-year-old fashion designer comes as a friend of show matriarch Lisa Vanderpump.

So what do you need to know about the new girl?

1: Dorit was born Dorit Lemel and was raised in Woodbridge, Connecticut. Yep, despite the mysterious British accent Dorit is all America.

2: She’s Jewish. Her father is from Israel which explains why Dorit is fluent in Hebrew. Her father’s name is “Shalom Lemel”.

3: Her and her husband Paul Kemsley (PK) met in a bar in NYC and married in 2015. Keep in mind their relationship is barely older than their two-year-old son.

4: Dorit used to live in NYC. She also lived in Italy for some time. Maybe that’s where she picked up the accent?

5: She is a friend of Lisa Vanderpump’s, but technically Lisa was friends first with Dorit’s husband Paul Kemlsey and his ex wife Loretta Gold.

6: Her husband is a talent manager and manages Boy George who presently lives with the couple.dorit-kemsley-boy-george

7: The couple is CLEARLY very wealthy so it seems odd that Paul filed for chapter 15 bankruptcy in 2012, claiming to be $10 million to $50 million in debt.

At the time he claimed his estranged wife was bankrolling his lavish lifestyle.

So in my opinion charismatic Paul seems a bit shady. Did he really make all this money managing Boy George?

8. Dorit is a fashion designer. She owns her company, Dorit International.dorit-kremley-rhobh

9: She and Paul have 2 children together Phoenix and Jagger Kemsley. On RHOBH Dorit struggles with Jagger’s development. She laments that he is having problems communicating and barely speaks. So clearly it appears that sweet little Jagger may be autistic.

UPDATE 2/13/2017: Dorit explains that her son has a condition called dyspraxia–a brain-based condition that makes it hard to plan and coordinate physical movement.

Stay tuned. Dorit is undoubtedly going to make a few waves on season 7.

UPDATE 2/29/2016: Erika Girardi first husband and son revealed!

6 thoughts on “9 Things to know about RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley”

  1. Jagger doesn’t have to talk. Dorit does it for him constantly. Surprised the therapists aren’t pointing that out to her.

  2. This woman is batshit crazy. She made her daughter wear a helmet because she had a conehead. I can only assume her doctor took her for a ride because most people know that baby’s head are soft and you can shape them by rubbing them. Oh I guess you have to actually be physical with them. As for her son not talking, he is 2 for God’s sake. Usually when kids don’t talk it is because they don’t have to because everyone talks for them. As for the Autistic label. People beware. It is the new ADHD of the 21st Century.If you label your child they will NEVER have a normal life. Then you have PK who is a big fraud. They have only been married for 2 years. . This is the first time I think this show is 100% scripted. I think producers tell them to cause trouble to liven it up. Lisa V looses a friend every season. Eileen acts the same on her show as she does on her soap. Lisa R just can’t help herself, never could. Eden needs to just go away. Don’t really get why she is there. The show is just getting boring.

  3. One of my biggest pet peeves is When people say “just relax”. I was told that NUMEROUS times with my children, who have both been diagnosed with autism and my eldest with Speech Apraxia. Some times ‘just relax’ doesn’t cut it and there IS an underlying issue. Kudos to Dorit for following through with Jagger’s therapies.

  4. My son didnt speak until he was over 3. Now he is 26. No one remembers how old he was when he started talking. His IQ is over 140 and now he never shuts up. Just relax. He will wake up one morning talking and then you wont be able to shut him up. Lol. Just relax. Thats what people that cant afford speach therapy do and it is all ok. Relax and ENJOY the quiet time. Enjoy his childhood. You people in Hollywood need to relax. Thats what people in the “old days” did. Take a load off, enjoy their childhood. Its so short and beautiful.

  5. He’s so young and boys can take longer to progress. it is hurtful for you to guess when you don’t really know. Nor do I know, just my opinion of your statement. Not cool.


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