Corinne Olympios shocking elimination

Corinne Olympios shocking elimination

I think America was taken by surprise on Monday night after seeing Nick Viall eliminate 24-year-old Corinne Olympios–no not because he eliminated her–we new Corinne’s days were numbered, but by Corinne’s seemingly genuine heartbreak.

Did I miss something? When did Nick and Corinne develop a real relationship?

I mean seriously it seemed that surely Corinne was punking America with her show on the show. The girl was so out of control with her whip cream and bouncy castle, it had to be some sort of act or audition even, right? But her shock when Nick finally decided to say goodbye to her seemed so real and….shall I say professional?

I wasn’t expecting to feel so much empathy for Corinne–not because she wasn’t lovable, but because I thought she knew the joke was on us, she wasn’t here for love! She was here for fame, but the poor girl was genuinely inconsolable when she was dismissed on Monday. So I have to say I am very confused!!!

‘You have nothing to be sorry for, I’m going to miss the hell out of you,’ Nick told her as she sobbed uncontrollably.

‘I feel like my heart is never going to be repaired…why can’t I just have a normal relationship?’ Corinne laments.

Why, Corinne? I can’t imagine why.

Then she declared,

‘I will never kiss up to a man ever again in my life.’

Needless to say all of this activity was making the Miami Epoxy-flooring heiress very fussy and sleepy. So after the big hullabaloo the little fuss-bug curled up in the exit limo and took a nap.

Corinne, who I predict will be engaged to another man before the finale airs in 2 weeks, told PEOPLE that she is now over Nick.

“I was shocked,” …..“Clearly we had the best hometown date. It was super, super tough on me.”

“I’m over it [now]. I’m really over it because that’s just kind of the women that I am. But it was shocking,” she continues. “My sister got me through it. Coming home to my sister and doing fun stuff just really got me through all of it.”

Awwww, one thing is for sure, The Bachelor will never be the same without her.

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