Jax Taylor claims Bachelor Nick Viall is a”F***ing Douchebag”

So many situations colliding this week!! The latest is the battle of reality show lotharios. Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor met Bachelor Nick Viall ….. in person.

And not shockingly the dueling douchebags clashed.

On The Daily Dish podcast‘s Jax Taylor claims that he and Nick have a mutual friend in Southern California who was opening a hotel and wanted to use the duo to draw a crowd. When Jax tried to do a solid for his pal Nick claimed he “didn’t do social media”. …which if you have followed Nick at all on social media you know how hilarious that claim is. Anyhow, Jax said, “first of all buddy, don’t toot your own horn, I have no f***ing idea who you are…you don’t do that? Bro, you’re on the f***ing Bachelor. You’re gonna be gone in two weeks and nobody will know who the f*** you are.”

And really, Jax is right. Regardless of how big the Bachelor is every season, invariably it takes about 15 minutes for America to lose all interest in the lead after the show has wrapped.

Case and point: Anyone recall Byron Velvick? Exactly.

Apparently Jax puffed up his freshly altered chest and said, “well you’re a f***ing piece of sh**, ” …. “Your friend brought you here as a favor to help him out, you’re gonna act like that? You’re a f***ing d-bag.”

Then Jax proclaimed, “I just think he’s a douchebag.” That’s right JAX F**CKING TAYLOR thinks someone else is a douchebag.

Thankfully Jax can never keep his mouth shut and continues throwing shade at ABC’s latest diva,

“Oh, for somebody who doesn’t really like the show and talks negatively about the show, he’s sure on it an awful lot.” Hahahahaha!!

I do think Nick is a douchebag. I mean he is living in LA and taking acting classes right now. The guy definitely is looking to be discovered. And Jax is such a hot-mess, it’s like he’s so far beyond douchebag territory that he has actually become charming again.

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