Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall’s new engagement on the rocks

Thirty-six-year-old Bachelor Nick Viall finally got engaged after two heart-breaking failed proposals on The Bachelorette and just two weeks after the epic finale it sounds like the new engagement is already on the rocks.

Nick’s new fiancee, 29-year-old Special Ed Teacher Vanessa Grimaldi is staying with Nick in LA right now as he competes on DWTS—– and apparently she has become a bit of a situation.

According to InTouch there are ‘trust issues’ between the two.

“In Vanessa’s mind, Nick still has a lot to prove,” …. “There is a lack of trust between them that she just can’t seem to get over. It’s making her act crazy—almost like a different person.”

Vanessa even stopped by the Dancing with the Stars set to make sure Nick was actually there!!! A move that typically isn’t needed in the first year or two of any relationship.

“She’s always jumping to conclusions that he’s flirting with people on set or lying about being at rehearsals,” said the source.

Ok, let me interject here….we have a situation on our hands. Vanessa, a lovely lady that is already prone to jealousy and mistrust is dating Nick, a guy that is prone to cheating and attention-grabbing behavior. We have a case of situations colliding — a sort of reverse synergism….a truck filled with gasoline crashing into a car full of fireworks. Things are gonna explode and end in a bang.

The only thing shocking to me is that Vanessa is actually putting so much energy into trying to confirm her suspicions and save this doomed relationship. I thought surely after the season wrapped she would go back to Canada, flip on Hulu and watch previous seasons of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise and would realize what William Shatner and all of America was trying to warn her about.

And as much as I think Nick is a douche-bag, I also think Vanessa is a fuss-bug and at this point is just looking to bust his balls. She’s putting on the pearl necklace and launching into punitive avenger mode when really, she should have known better. I mean looking for evidence that Nick Viall is cheating is like looking for evidence that Chad Johnson is using steroids. You don’t need to look far.

Apparently Vanessa thinks,

“Nick should be doing anything and everything he can to make her feel at ease,” …… “She basically wants him to worship the ground she walks on.”

Yeah the only person Nick will ever worship is Nick—just check out the little shutter-fly on Instagram and Twitter.

“He’s really hoping Vanessa snaps out of this,” a friend of Nick’s confided in InTouch. “It’s only a matter of time before Nick tells her he’s had enough.”

The good news is Nick is killing it on DWTS. Check out his his first dance.


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