Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright get matching tattoos

Jax Taylor took his Kentucky girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright to get matching tattoos this weekend. It’s no secret Jax Taylor loves any excuse to get a tattoo, but this time it’s not the name of a girl it’s just a matching tat with a girl. The couple got arrow tattoos.

And it looks like the couple is in Jax’ Hometown of Tarpon Springs Florida visiting his family (at least that is where his family lives now).

Jax’s sister, Jenny Cauchi was there too getting her first tattoo.

“So I got a new tattoo, and look who matched me!” Brittany posted in a Snapchat video.jax-taylor-brittany-tattoo

Of course everyone remembers the infamous ‘Stassi’ tattoo. But Jax did not learn his lesson because soon after he got a ‘Carmen’ tattoo, and finally he got a tattoo to celebrate his bromance with co-stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, “Tom, Tom and i.”

So at least he has shown a tiny bit of restraint in this situation, only opting for the matching tattoo.



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