Get ready to meet Chris Leroux on Bachelor Canada season 3!

Season 3 of Bachelor Canada is in the works as we speak and set to air in fall. And the world is about to meet Canada’s latest heart throb, 33-year old retired professional baseball player Chris Leroux. It’s hard to imagine that the 6′ 5″ hunk would need any help finding a girlfriend, but Chris does confess that finding the ‘right woman’ has been a challenge.

He spoke with ET Canada’s Roz Weston about why he chose to do the show.

“I’m going to be honest, I don’t have a hard time meeting women, but I want to meet the right woman.”

“I’m 33-years old now, I’m not getting any younger,” Chris says. “So there’s no time like the present.”

But first Chris had to get the approval of his family–especially his mom.

“My mom was really nervous,” Chris claims, “she’s a nervous wreck to begin with.”

Chris admits that the “breaking up” part is going to be really tough for him.

“I’m not good at handling drama,” Chris laments.

“I’ve never been in situations like this before,” he says. “And I’ve been playing sports my whole life and this whole love… television… this is just totally new to me.”

The names of the women have yet to be released but here is a list of potential contestants:

Celiza Williams

Madisson Ritchie

Makenna Suttie, Calgary

Sae Rom, Vancouver

Sheradin Cappa, Toronto

Adina Timperio, Hamilton, Ontario

Update 9/11/2017

Producers just announced 10 cast members.

Brittany Michalchuk, 27, Calgary, Alberta

Catie Fenn, 29, Toronto, Ontario

Dee Chan, 32, Kitchener, Ontario

Jessie Baker, 25, Emo, Ontario

Kait Rich, 29, Victoria, British Columbia

Lisa Mancini, 24, St. Catharines, Ontario

Lyndsey Gavin, 23, Vancouver, British Columbia

Meghan House, 24, Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Stacy Rae, 25, Victoria, British Columbia

Pricilla, 32, Vancouver, British Columbia

“The Bachelor Canada” season 3 will premiere on W Network Wednesday, October 11


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