Stassi Schroeder discusses why she and boyfriend Patrick Meagher split

Stassi Schroeder recently announced that her and her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, broke up on their 4 year anniversary. And know she is talking about why they decided to split with her friend Rachael O’Brien on her podcast Straight Up with Stassi.

On the latest episode Stassi recounted the events that led to the breakup, “We get into an argument on our anniversary — that he did not remember — our four-year anniversary. Granted, OK, we broke up for a really long time, but I mean, our four-year anniversary, we met four years ago on that day,” …..”Nothing new happened to where I would be broken up and jilted a day before our Mexican vacation for our anniversary that I only remembered. Cool.”

Stassi goes on to explain how Patrick’s non-emotional reaction to their anniversary pushed her over the edge. But in the end it was Patrick that dumped her.

“I mean, when I reminded him of our anniversary, I just got, ‘Aw, that’s sweet.’ I didn’t even get a f***ing daisy, not even a weed, nothing,” she said. “What did I get? Broken up with and told that he’s not coming on our Mexican vacation that I already prepaid for. So that’s fun. So that’s cool. That’s really cool.”

She continued, “I gave him time. I said, ‘I’m gonna give you a few hours. I know you don’t mean this. I know you’re gonna regret this.”

But apparently the radio host didn’t change his mind.

“So I start going crazy, like mindlessly sobbing, taking mad amounts of Xanax to calm down,” Stassi said. “And I’m like, ‘Rachael, I need ya girl.'”

Rachael to filled in for Patrick at the last minute on the Mexican vacation which likely means we will be seeing a lot of Rachael on next season of Vanderpump Rules.

“So we get on the flight. Rachael is sitting next to me,” Stassi said. “Keep looking over every 2 seconds before she fell asleep, being like, ‘Yep, this should be Patrick, should be my romantic f***ing flight. We should be cuddling and making out.'”

So really, that’s it, which likely means the two will rekindle things in the near future. That doesn’t sound like a solid breakup. It sounds like Patrick is stepping back to take a break.

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