James Kennedy gay rumors?

Of all the guys on Vanderpump Rules that I thought could be secretly gay, James Kennedy was last on my list. He has been pretty open about his sex life on the show–too open at times. And he seemed to me like a typical horny 25-year-old heterosexual male in that respect. So I never even considered the possibility that James could be gay. But this ‘blind item’ on CDN really intrigued me.

So tell me who you think this ‘Bravo star’ is.

“This Bravo reality star who likens himself to another celebrity is closeted. Well, to fans, but not to the people in West Hollywood or the multiple guys he slept with who a pseudo relative introduced to him over the years who paid for his services.”

Now some people would say it could be Jax given Jax’ history with a gay Sugar Daddy in Miami, but that was in Miami and if Jax was getting busy hooking up with guys in West Hollywood I think it would have ‘come out’ by now. Plus Jax is dumb. He couldn’t keep something like that under wraps the way James could.

As for the other metro-boys, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, who also seem very bi-sexual, I think the ‘pseudo-relative’ term rules them out. They are both from the mid-west and don’t appear to have any relatives in the LA area.

Of course we have all heard that James’ God-father and uncle is the late George Michael making him a ‘pseudo-relative’. George was obviously very gay and very promiscuous in the LA area. So if said rumor is true, my money is on James Kennedy for sure.

logan-nohLet’s hope Lisa Vanderpump will get to the ‘bottom’ of this on season 6.

Is Logan Noh James Kennedy’s boyfriend?

Vanderpump Rules returns for season six on Monday, Dec. 4 at 9 p.m. on Bravo

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