Catie Fenn — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Catie Fenn — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Name: Catie Fenn

Nickname: Fenniwinkle

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Age: 29

OccupationLawyer at Brown & Burnes. She is also a Meditation Coach

Education: Queen’s University: Doctor of Law. J.D. 2010-2012

Bachelor’s of Arts Political Studies: 2005-2009

Zodiac: tba

Height: tba

From her W bio:

“Catie started meditating as an articling student, and it changed her life. The lawyer and mediation coach has spent a lot of time “figuring herself out” – all she needs now is someone who can truly appreciate all she has to offer. Catie is hoping that her optimism and enthusiasm for life will set her apart and catch the Bachelor’s attention. ”

What is the most important thing the bachelor needs to know about you? The way I present myself is just the way that I am. I am never acting – what you see is what you get.

What is one quality that will set you apart from the other bachelorettes? I’m really comfortable in who I am and what my life is about.

What type of music do you like? Indie music. I really like Bon Iver.catie-fenn-5

Who is your personal hero? Oprah and Yogananda

What is one thing on your bucket list? I really want to go to India.

Favourite place to travel? My favourite place in the world is Peru. It’s the most incredible travel experience I’ve had. I would love to bring somebody I love to go through that experience with me again.

What are your three best qualities? My optimism, my enthusiasm for life and my listening skills.

Your three worst qualities according to an ex?  I am messy, I get too attached to scheduling and planning, and I can be inflexible.

What is the meaning of marriage to you? Being married to me means being co-pilots. It means being true equal partners and being two wholes that have come together to elevate one another but not to complete one another.”

Instagram: @catiefenn

Twitter: @eitacf

Season 3 of Bachelor Canada airs Wednesday, October 11 on W Network.

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