Bachelor Canada star Lyndsey Gavin recounts painful breakup with ex boyfriend

Bachelor Canada star Lyndsey Gavin recounts painful breakup with ex boyfriend

Twenty-three-year-old Lyndsey Gavin is one of two finalists on this season of Bachelor Canada. The young Vancouver, British Columbia Publicist took 33-year-old Bachelor Chris Leroux to meet her very enthusiastic and protective family this week which resulted in a rose.

Anyhow, the family was understandably concerned about the ten year age difference and worried that the seasoned and retired professional baseball player could break Lyndsey’s heart.

But don’t be fooled by her age, Lyndsey has been around the block in her 23 years on this earth and she has a blog where she recounts her ‘journey’ and past heartbreak and what she has learned.

Lyndsey grew up by the Seymour River in North Vancouver. She attended Windsor Secondary School where she met her first love in the 9th grade, a young football star named Jacob, whom she dated for 4 years. But on December 30th 2013 at the tender age of 19 she moved to New York City and broke up with her high school sweetheart to do her internship and fell in love with a different Chris….and got her heart broken.

She recounts the emotional experience in her personal blog beginning with a devastating breakup with an NYC beau:

“I couldn’t breathe. Life as I knew it was over. Mr. NYC was getting smaller as the cab drove away and I was becoming more and more hysterical. I thought this would be easier – he’d broken my heart and now it was time for a new chapter. In the back of my mind I felt like I knew this was coming for quite some time, I knew Mr. NYC was not the man I was going to marry. That wasn’t always the case though; when I fell for him I fell hard.”

Lyndsey had discovered that NYC Chris was cheating and she was devastated.lyndsey-9

How did Lyndsey end up in the Big Apple?

“When I was in College I had decided to take my final (also known as an Internship) in New York. …I applied at a few different Music Management and Public Relations companies and heard back from two: Island Def Jam and Private New York City.”

She goes on to say she thought she was living the dream,

“Long story short, I did it. I lived in New York City, I dated, then fell in love. I made a life for myself that some can only dream of. But what I’ve always promised myself is that I will never ever let a guy take advantage of me and I will never fall victim to staying in an unhappy situation; there is always a way out…..”

“I learned the very hard way that I was much more invested in the relationship than Mr. NYC was. My heart was shattered. I had to pick up the pieces and tirelessly try to glue them back together.”

The experience led to some serious self-reflection…

“I understand that it didn’t work because of him, but it also didn’t work because of me. It wasn’t meant to be, it REALLY wasn’t. I didn’t know it at the time, but life was about to get so much better. I didn’t realize how young I really was and that I didn’t have to have it all figured out in that moment in time….”

Well clearly Lyndsey did pick up the pieces ‘glue them back together’ and now she is heading to the coveted Fantasy Suites (much to the dismay of her family) with her new beau. I’m sure Mr. NYC can’t hold a candle to Chris–let’s hope he’s watching! And Mr. NYC was not the man she was going to marry. The only question now is, Is Mr. Leroux the man she will marry?

On Wednesday Chris made the controversial decision to let the very age-appropriate Catie Fenn go and keep Lyndsey Gavin and Mikaela Wightman. Stay tuned!

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