Tia Booth — Bachelor 2018 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Tia Booth — Bachelor 2018 — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Name: Tia Booth

Age: 26

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas, Originally from Weiner, Arkansas.

Occupation: Physical therapist in Little Rock at InCite Rehab.

Education: Arkansas St. University

Height: 5’6″

Tattoos: Owl on tricep, “Patience” on wrist, “Mama & Papa” on left foot, “Peace” on right foot.

She is good friends with Raven Gatestia-booth

There may be an ex boyfriend situation. Stay tuned.

She was born December 30th, 1991 making her a Capricorn.

Her father is 58-year-old Kenneth Booth from Weiner, Arkansas. And her mother is 61-year-old Denise Booth.

Tia is a devout Christian.


From her ABC bio:

“If you could be any animal, which one and why? Leopard – sly, quick, sassy, beautiful.

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be, and why? Olivia Pope because she’s a badass.

What is the best trip you have ever been on and why? Cancun to a random swingers resort. HA! It was actually fun.

If you could go anywhere in the U.S., where would you go and why? Chicago! I want to eat everything there!

What does being married mean to you? Lifelong commitment, passion, happiness, best friend.

What’s your biggest date fear? Bad conversation and awkward, no sense of humor, food in my teeth.

What is your favorite television show and why? Shark Tank. I don’t know why, it’s just intriguing.”

Tia Booth tries to blackmail Colton Underwood into a relationship

Social Media

Facebook – Tia Booth
Twitter – @tiarachelbooth (de-activated 9/17)
Instagram – tiarachel91
LinkedIn – Tia Booth (de-activated 9/17)


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  1. Add Your CommentI love raven, and tia booth. Wow can’t wait to meet then both. We all can go to chicago to eat that amazing great food. Like i did 5 years ago. I agined 8 lbs. It scared the hell out of me.


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