Mikaela Wightman — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Mikaela Wightman — Bachelor Canada — Bio, Age, Photos, Wiki

Name: Mikaela Wightman

Nickname: Mik or Mickey

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Fashion PR. Communications Manager at Honey

Education: Humber College: Bachelor’s of Commerce, Fashion Management: 2010-2014

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from her W bio

“Fearless and independent, Mikaela struck out on her own at the age of 19 to begin a new life in the big city. With talent and sheer determination, she managed to make her mark in the competitive fashion industry and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s hoping the Bachelor will be exactly her style! ”

What is the most important thing the bachelor should know about you? I’m in a place where I’m ready to fall in love and get married.

What makes you different from the other bachelorettes? I hope that the bachelor will be drawn to how easy going I am and to how easy it will be for us to get to know each other.

What type of music do you like? I like Rap music. I’m a big Drake fan.

Who is your personal hero? Probably Diana Vreeland. She changed the fashion industry and made it more about the creative, whimsical, fantasy aspect that we see a lot today, but was nonexistent before in print and magazines. She’s always been someone that I’ve really admired for that.mik

What can’t you live without? My phone. I work with social media and run a blog, so my phone has always been my lifeline, managing multiple accounts at once. I also couldn’t live without ice cream. I try not to make it an everyday thing, but I will eat a pint in a sitting and then take a break for a few days.

What are your relationship deal-breakers? Not wanting kids.

What is your dream date? It wouldn’t have to be extravagant, but would involve the ocean or beach. It would have to be somewhere warm and tropical because I hate the cold. I really like dates that include an activity you can share together, and good conversation that lasts all night.

What is one thing on your bucket list? For me it’s all about travel. I don’t want to die without seeing a lot of the world. There are so many places I haven’t gone yet and it’s really important to me to travel a lot before I start a family.

Favourite place to travel? Anywhere hot, but Nicaragua has been my favourite trip so far.

What are your three best qualities? I’m empathetic and aware of people’s emotions, I’m positive, and I’m easy going.

Your three worst qualities according to an ex? I’m not always the best at answering text messages, and I’m not the easiest person to sleep beside because I’m a light sleeper and will let you know if you’re snoring or moving around too much.

What is the meaning of marriage to you? Being married is a big commitment that you have to take seriously. It means being willing to make sacrifices and putting someone else before yourself.”

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