Producer Randall Emmett divorcing wife Ambyr Childers to be with girlfriend Lala Kent

Producer Randall Emmett divorcing wife Ambyr Childers to be with girlfriend Lala Kent

I have been waiting for this news for some time given we uncovered the affair between producer Randall Emmett and Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent this past January. In fact I was shocked it took this long for it to come out that Randall and wife Ambyr Childers are getting divorced since they apparently filed for divorce in January at the same time news broke about the affair.

The couple initially filed for legal separation in April 2015, but Randall asked the court to dismiss the petition 13 months later. Childers filed for divorce in January 2017 and to date the case remains open. Emmett and Childers have two children together.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

I am just shocked it took this long for word of divorce papers being filed. These two must have a serious iron-clad prenup.

I did notice that Ambyr’s Instagram account has been conspicuously scrubbed of any signs of Randall since that time. Yet Lala and Randall were still keeping the affair under tight wraps and have been until just recently.

Apparently Randall and Lala were officially caught kissing at a FabFitFun event in Beverly Hills Dec. 7. Thus any ounce of doubt that Randall was indeed the mystery married man have been squashed. Although I’m not sure why people are acting like this is brand new info–as in the identity of the ‘married man’ just being revealed. We revealed it a year ago!

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Anyhow, a source revealed this about the couples PDA,

“They were side by side the whole time, but they weren’t doing the PDA snuggly thing. They didn’t leave each other’s side” …. “He was definitely being more cautious than her.”

The two have been dating about a year and a half now. Emmett is the A-list producer of films like, Wonderland, A Love Song For Bobby Long, The Amityville Horror, King Of California, and Home Of The Brave. Additionally, he produced STARZ’s original series Power.

As a side note, I can’t help but wonder if Emmett will get caught up in the Hollywood sex scandals. That’s the next shoe I’m waiting to drop.

On Wednesday Lala posted a video clip on Instagram flashing a ring on her left hand ring finger wearing a sweatshirt that say’s ‘His Babe’. Fans are asking her if it means she is now engaged.

At any rate, Lala must be excited that she can now where her Jimmy Choo’s to red carpet events and step out on the step-and-repeats with her main squeeze on her side. The girl worked hard for it.

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