Lyndsey Gavin and Chris Leroux’ awkward exchange on After the Final Rose

Last night the season 3 finale of Bachelor Canada aired and things got awkward to say the least. It looked like 23-year-old Lyndsey Gavin was a shoe win and despite the less than dramatic conclusion, there were a few surprises. Chris continued to express strong romantic feelings for Lyndsey. Earlier he had told Lyndsey that he was willing to move to Vancouver to be with her, but things start to go south when Chris reneges on that offer and claims he wants to stay close to his family.

Now this leads us to believe that perhaps we had just been tricked yet again by the ninja editing skills of the Bachelor producers and he was really falling for the 23-year-old Communications Manager Mikaela Wightman, all along.

Well, no, that was not it either. In fact Chris expresses doubts to Lyndsey so Lyndsey beats him to the punch on the proposal platform and dumps him before he can break up with her.

But then when Mikaela arrives there are no grand declarations of love for her either just a tepid proposal to continue dating and see where it goes.

So cut to a few months later, After the Final Rose.

Noah Cappe brings out Lyndsey to the therapy love seat to discuss where it all went wrong, etc, etc.

The body language is uncomfortable. Lyndsey blithers some new age drivel about not feeling ‘chosen and loved by Chris’, but she’d do it all again given the chance: “Any opportunity to fall in love, if it doesn’t work that part sucks, but falling in love is the best part of life.”… Blah, Blah, Blah.

Out comes Cold Feet Chris to explain, “if things were sort of different – and we all know what my concerns were – we could have been magic together and it’s just too bad that those problems existed.”

Obviously Chris is referring to the fact that he did not want to move to the west coast of Canada, which is fair, but why the hell is it up to Chris to move? Lyndsey could just as easily pack up and relocated to Mississauga?

Interestingly, Chris said it was seeing his parents in Mexico that made him change his mind. I strongly suspect they knocked some sense in to him about the age difference and why Chris doesn’t just cop to that is beyond me. But anyhow, he tells her,

“I feel like I’m allowed to switch gears.”

“Yeah, you are,” she counters.

“And I did,” he said.

“So did I,” she quips.

So Lyndsey is clearly pissed and not over it despite all of the new age gobbledygook.

The two part ways and wish each other happiness.

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3 thoughts on “Lyndsey Gavin and Chris Leroux’ awkward exchange on After the Final Rose”

  1. I just watched the series, 4/21. What a Wus! Chris was obviously in love with Lyndsey. Katie’s family was so much nicer to him than Lyndsey’s, yet he chose her over Katie. After being in the major league and traveling, all of a sudden, he wants to be next to his Mom and Dad. Pitiful. Instead of going after his dream girl and moving to Vancouver, still in Canada, a plane ride away, he chickens out. I can’t believe he was a relief pitcher. Where’s the courage? besides, he probably had over a million saved up from his career. I don’t get him.

  2. So Lyndsey is heading to Australia a few days after New Year’s Eve to get over her broken heart and write her book and maybe even find love. Seriously? And if love finds her again then he would have to leave Australia and live in Vancouver. Actually she should find love in Vancouver. She went on the bachelor to find love, but he would have to relocate … bunch of bs. That should have been brought up right after the first meeting, then she would have got the boot, and someone else might of had a real chance, like Mikaela, with Chris. So, Lyndsey got hurt, Chris got hurt, and Mikaela was hurt. You could see how hurt and angry Lyndsey was on the last show. And neither would relocate for love. He should have proposed to Mikaela since she fit all the requirements of a suitable wife and mother. And of course she lives on Toronto. It’ funny how common sense was kicking in at the end, but wasn’t throughout, after all he was looking for a soulmate, someone to love, someone to be his wife and mother to his children. hm


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