Michael Darby gay rumors resurface on season 3 of RHOP

I have to say 57-year-old Michael Darby set off my gaydar the minute I saw him —even prior to the rumors, so it’s not shocking to learn that the rumors have been confirmed.

Last night on the premiere of season 3 of Real Housewives of the Potomac, Karen Huger, 54, deflects from her own familial scandal after Gizelle makes accusations to Karen about her husband Raymond Huger and their money and the alleged 5 million dollars he owes in back taxes. Karen says that she’s got her own money. Gizelle says, “Karen don’t work!”

And Karen takes the opportunity to tell everyone that Ashley Darby’s husband is gay and on Grindr and his dick is all over Instagram. Wow!!!!darby

Unfortunately I can’t show you the ‘full’ picture, but suffice it to say, it’s true.

“Did Michael get indicted for his ding-a-ling swinging across Instagram?” Karen asks.

She continues,

“I don’t believe everything I read, but if you want to believe everything you read, Ashley, your man up there meeting people in London,” Karen recounts in her ITM. “Through the Grindr.”

Yes it came out in 2016 that Michael was having an affair with a black man, a man he reportedly met on a business trip in London. The man spent 2 days at the hotel with him. The young man claims that Michael bought him Chanel aftershave and a Cartier love charm. And he only discovered that Michael was married to a woman when he saw him on Real Housewives Of Potomac!

And thankfully the young man saved the receipts. So look for more to “come out” on this salacious situation!


2 thoughts on “Michael Darby gay rumors resurface on season 3 of RHOP”

  1. Honey, Ashley knows she’s got a bottom for a husband. Michael probably has a “gay play” pass when he’s out of town. Ashley barely flinched when Karen went in. Michael is a legs up/party starts bottom. Not mad at anybody…the dude got some culo and some nice parting gifts from Cartier. Michael got stretched and Ashley probably got some new furniture for her Mom’s place. Everybody a winner.


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