Becca Bowl blood bath — Clay Harbor hurts wrist — David Ravitz suffers serious bunk bed injury

Becca Bowl blood bath — Clay Harbor hurts wrist — David Ravitz suffers serious bunk bed injury

The Becca Bowl aired Monday night — a football game with, Leo Dottavio, Christon, Ryan Peterson, Jean-Blanc, Garrett Yrigoyen, Mike  Brenner, Lincoln Adim, Connor Obrochta, Blake Horstmann and professional football player Clay Harbor.

The guys divide into two teams. And the ONE guy that you would think had the biggest advantage here, 10 year NFL player Clay Harbor is the guy that got injured!

Admittedly, I think Clay gets my first impression rose. He’s just so sweet and big and cuddly and kind. So I was devastated that Clay had to leave the show after a serious wrist injury that would require surgery before the football season.

Clay did receive the group date rose at the end of the day, but by cocktail party time Clay gets his test results back from the ER and finds out he needs surgery–thus he self-eliminates citing that his job playing football is necessary so he can support his family.

“I’m really going to miss Clay,” says Becca laments. “I gave him the rose last night for a reason. We were finally getting somewhere. Watching him walk away — it’s just not easy.”

But don’t count Clay out. I think there is a chance that he returns before the season is over.

But Clay isn’t the only one that got a trip to the ER.

Next to 30-year-old David Ravitz of Denver Co who is hauled off by an ambulance on a stretcher, blood spewing from his face. The dramatic scene suggests that there is a fight, but it’s not nearly that dramatic. Evidently, David rolled off his ABC issued bunk bed and broke his nose.


And we finally get a tiny bit of insight into how they cram 25 men into one home. I did pose the question to ABC Bachelor attorneys in an interview a while ago–I wanted to know if they had bunk buddies, but they could not reveal that privileged info.

So does Ravitz return after this dramatic trip to the ICU?

Yes! David will return. But I suspect this time he will be on the bottom bunk.

As for Clay, if the NFL season allows, I would not count him out for Bachelor.

“The Bachelorette” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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