Tia Booth tries to blackmail Colton Underwood into a relationship

There is nothing I love more than when someone tries to blackmail someone else into liking them…a situation that has occurred at least twice now on Bachelor in Paradise.

Tia Booth has come to paradise on a mission—to rekindle her brief romance with Bachelorette alumni Colton Underwood.

It doesn’t take long before we realize that Tia and Colton are not on the same page…or the same planet.

Tia is pining for Colton as she strategically pretends to have a spark with Chris Randone in order to ensure that she will stay on the show until Colton arrives.

But when Colton does arrive, surprise he’s still bitter that Tia undermined his chances with Becca (or his chances to be runner-up/next Bachelor), so he is not feeling very amorous towards Tia …. at all.

Colton’s lack of excitment propels Tia into a downward shame spiral. And in her defense, we all know there is nothing more painful than unrequited love, and knowing when to #walkaway is easier said than done, but this girl was not even trying to preserve an ounce of dignity.

Yes, in a scorched earth policy, Tia decides to tell Colton if he wants to stay on the show she holds all the power since she is holding the rose and he isn’t.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone thinks that threatening someone to ‘like you or else’, ever ends well, but it sure seems to happen a lot, so there must be people out there who think this is an effective strategy. Recall when Joe Bailey tried to blackmail Samantha Steffen?

Tia then proceeds to flaunt her other dates in front of him and ask if he’s jealous to which he responds “not at all” which makes Tia even more crazy and desperate.

Colton insists that he is still not over Becca — which I just do not believe for one second, and I contend is merely a strategy to make him look empathetic enough to be the next Bachelor. This is only reinforced when Becca shows up and asks Tia…”is Colton still being wishy washy like he was with me”…hahahaha!

He is seen crying and lamenting about how he never expressed his true feelings to Becca…PUHLEASE!

Ultimately Tia pulls out her last card—not giving Colton the rose—surely this will show him and make him swiftly develop romantic feelings for her, but in a surprise move Bibiana Julian decides to give her rose to Colton to ensure that the drama continues….


3 thoughts on “Tia Booth tries to blackmail Colton Underwood into a relationship”

  1. Tia is horrible. She pulled out all the stops to force Colton into a relationship with her, and Becca is lying when she continues to claim that Tia did not influence her. Since Tia and Colton they are not dating now, it is obvious Colton has broken free of her obsessive clutches and put her back in the friends zone. It has angered me the way she I finished to everyone that c olton was playing her when he was not! Colton should be tge next Bachelor..Tia cant show up there and ruin his chances like she has done so far.


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