Do Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph get back together?

Part One of the two night season finale ended in a rather bizarre way. Bachelor Colton Underwood broke up with his final two women, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

The last time a lead rejected both women was Brad Womack’s first season, but this is definitely different. Brad developed feelings for no one on that season, where as Colton developed feelings for only one woman and she walked off just before their Fantasy Suite date.

So unlike previous seasons where the finale begins with the two finalists meeting the leads family and the lead perseverating over his strong feelings for both women, this time the finale begins with producers combing through the brush in Portugal looking for their lead who’s gone MIA after his number one girl, Cassie Randolph, walks off unexpectedly.

Producers drive around, eventually spotting him and chasing him down. Colton tells Chris Harrison repeatedly “I’m done”.

He confides in Chris Harrison that he’s been told “I’m not enough my entire life”. Chris tries to reassure Colton that he has two remaining ladies to choose from that have both told him they “love him” aka “chop, chop and pick one of the two”.

Producers seem to concede that they are in a pickle and this season’s happy ending is DOA.

Colton then proceeds to break up with the two remaining girls.

It would be crazy to think that Tayshia didn’t have a clue since her and Colton never consummated things in the Fantasy Suite. Hopefully that clue helped buffer the breakup.

So Colton heads to Adams hotel room, telling the 28-year-old phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California, explaining, “In my heart, I know I can’t love two people. My heart’s with somebody else. I love Cassie.”

Tayshia asks if they can talk “off-camera”, but luckily the mics are still hot! And we hear Colton bawling and Tayshia trying to console him. Eventually Tayshia breaks down too saying she “doesn’t want to go through this again.”

Next, he finds first impression rose winner, Hannah Godwin, who should have never made it this far given her age—-23. Hannah, unlike Tayshia, did not even get a Fantasy Suite date, but surprisingly is still shocked by the news!

“I didn’t think it was going to be like this,” he told her. “I thought it was going to be you. You still remind me of home.”

“It was the ultimate rejection,” Godwin laments to Chris Harrison as she re-watches the scene.

After the two girls leave, Colton reiterates that he is still in love with Randolph, proclaiming, “I don’t want to leave here without her. And the dramatic episode ends with Underwood approaching Randolph for a second chance.

As to the question about whether or not Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood get back together?

According to Reality Steve, Cassie reconsiders and gives Colton a second chance. The two are still not engaged, but fingers crossed Colton will still get to hand out his final rose and his Neil Lane engagement ring.

Additionally Colton was photographed going to the gym with Gregg Sulkin, Michelle Randolph‘s boyfriend, on February 28 and he’s friends with Gregg, Michelle and Cassie on Venmo.




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