Are Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor still together?

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor’s budding relationship barely survived week 3 episode 1 after soccer player Christian Estrada swaggered his way into Paradise and swept Nicole off her feet. Nicole seemed smitten with the professional soccer player but things quickly turned back in Clay’s favor after Jordan Kimball intervenes and instigates a very dramatic and violent fight with Christian which prompts producers to boot both Christian and Jordan immediately.

Nicole has a change of heart and realizes that maybe she doesn’t want an uber aggressive alpha-male and prefers the gentle teddy bear instead.

So it seems inevitable that the cute couple will make it together to the finale, but do they make it past that point.


The couple cannot make it past “Decision Day.” Nicole is the one who ultimately decides to end things with Clay, telling him as a result of his refusal to say “I love you” or propose. Wow! Nicole is a tough cookie. Talk about expectations. As to whether or not they are even able to remain friends?

No. They are not on friendly terms

Perhaps Clay’s hesitancy was a result of his recent break up with former Bachelor In Paradise contestant Angela Amezcua. Recall on the premiere Angela’s friend Annaliese Puccini told fellow contestants that she didn’t think Clay was ready to start dating again.

“I think it’s too soon for him to be here, so I’m not really excited,”….“When he broke up with Angela, he told her he couldn’t even imagine looking at another girl. And now he’s on the beach where he’s supposed to be getting engaged to someone at the end? … I want to make sure he’s not screwing over any more of my friends.”

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