Are Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones still together?

Are Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones still together?

One of the sweetest couples to emerge from this season of Bachelor in Paradise is Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones. Tayshia is a gorgeous and charming seductress and JPJ is an adorably goofy and charming suitor looking for a serious life partner.

Needless-to-say Tayshia charms the pants off of the 24-year-old financial analyst.

John falls hard for the 28-year-old Corona Del Mar Phlebotomist. But the relationship hits a few snags after Tayshia starts questioning her feelings for JPJ. John is 4 years younger and he may be a little too immature and goofy for Miss Adams.

Tayshia tells John to explore other options after she discovers she is unable to fully commit to him. The decision sends JPJ into an emotional tailspin prompting him to make desperate pleas with Tayshia and implore her to give him a chance. John is all in. Tayshia is the girl he has been searching for his entire life and he is going to do whatever it takes. But Tayshia is wavering and wants to keep her options open.tays

I have to admit things are looking pretty iffy as to whether or not these two will leave paradise as a couple. So are they still together?

During the fifth ceremony, John says, “Tayshia is the only girl I’m interested in pursuing,”…“She makes me feel like a nervous schoolboy — I feel completely incapacitated around her. I feel pretty foolish even going after her, ’cause what the hell am I doing?!” “Tayshia is the most incredible woman I’ve met in my life,” ….. “I’ve been living in fear of somebody else going after her and sweeping her off her feet. You can find love in Paradise… If Tayshia were my wife, I’d be the happiest man in the world. Tayshia Paul Jones!”

But things get pretty serious when the overnight dates arrive and according to Reality Steve Tayshia and JPJ breakup and the breakup sticks until the end of the season. But take heart fans the couple has reportedly reconciled.


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