Evan Goldschneider cheating with trainer at gym?

Season 11 of RHONJ started off with quite a bang as Teresa dropped a giant bomb at Evan Goldschneider’s birthday party.

At first glance it looked to me like a desperate ploy by producers to create some sort of storyline for the season amidst the COVID doldrums.

But as more time passes, I am believing this rumor for a number of reasons:

Most recently there was discussion about a comment from a Reddit user that has since been erased, but it was discussed on Sharrells World today by show reporter “Freddie”. This user claimed to go to the same gym with 46-year-old Evan Goldschneider and that Evan was in fact cheating with a female trainer there. Allegedly the two agreed to to leave their spouses for each other and she left her husband but Evan failed to leave Jackie.

I know its an anon user, but the level of detail makes me think its legit in combination with other compelling circumstantial evidence.

As far as what gym Evan goes to…thus far we know it’s a very small gym right around the corner from his home.

That in addition to the other clues that have recently emerged including The husbands of Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Although Teresa is the one who initially dropped the bombshell, it’s interesting that Margaret Josephs arranged for the confrontation between the two ladies at her home. Margaret lived in the same neighborhood where Evan’s gym was located and Joe Benigno recently suggested she knew about the rumors before Tre.

“Like, why do I hear rumors about Evan?” Teresa asked Margaret Josephs. “Have you heard that Evan does stuff? Like, when he goes to the gym he screws around.”‘

“No, no, no, no,” Margaret responded. “From who?”

“I don’t know,” Teresa replied. “I can’t f–king remember. You know me, I forget things. But, I’m just saying, I heard something.”

But Joe Benigno revealed during a poker night with the men that the rumor had been circulating around their home. In fact it was Dolores Catania’s ex-husband, Frank Catania who questioned Evan and the men if they had ever heard it before.

At that time Joe admitted that he had heard the rumor before at his home circa some very loud, ladies.

In addition to all of this, Jackie’s refusal to let go of the issue makes it look more and more legit. Not to mention Evan is acting more like a guy that’s been caught and wants to go hide under a rock than someone that is being accused of something he did not do. Perhaps Evan is waiting for the season to finish, or perhaps he has had a change of heart. Time will tell.

If you are the Reddit user that goes to Evan’s gym, please reply and give us some deets!

Source: Instagram

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4 thoughts on “Evan Goldschneider cheating with trainer at gym?”

  1. The way Jackie got so hurt and mad and emotional confirms to me that it is true … Margaret knows it’s true they all know it’s true … Evan looks like a deer in headlights, he looks like when you catch a little kid doing something wrong. Just the way they both acted confirms it is true.

    • I AGREE! I def thought it was fake at 1st and they were worried because they had no storyline this season so they made it up, but now, judging all of the evidence I believe it.

      I think Joe B is the initial source since Joe B and Margaret lived in the same neighborhood as Evan and this gym is right by his house. Joe B, of course, cant be the one to confront Jackie with it so they threw it to Tre.

  2. Evan I want you to divorce jackie I will be happier she got it want she deserves your kids better off with new mom anyway that’s makes lot better who’s cares about jackie she likes to start drama and she is cold hardy bitch she is convicted and stupid little bitch she is manipulating you and Jennifer and teresa and Dolores I want you to filed divorce Evan you deserve better your new girlfriend have much better and love you will be much love and your family that’s very important your kids are so much happier and love that’s all I care about

    • right? poor Evan. I think he is miserable. Jackie is very pretty and looks good on paper, but that personality is like nails on a chalk board. She is way too uptight.

      I do think he is cheating because Jackie is way too freaked out by the rumors.

      And I can not stand her parents. So holier than thou. The mom needs to take her 40 million dollars and get a makeover. I cant stand when rich people try and pretend that they are just like every one else and dont need to spend money on vanity.


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