Will there ever be a Vanderpump Rules season 9?

Will there ever be a Vanderpump Rules season 9?, or 10, or ever?

The bloodbath on Vanderpump Rules season 8 has been brutal.

I just watched the season 8 reunion and it was brutal. Not the usual, someone gave Jax a blow job in the SUR bathroom brutal, but brutal in that a good portion of the original cast has been fired for doing something politically incorrect.

Lisa Vanderpump and Bravo has fired Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute and newbies, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni after they were immersed in some controversies.

I am just not sure there is any future at all for reality TV given what is at stake now for any contestant. One controversial, drunk tweet from 10 years ago can now destroy your entire life.

Faith Stowers recorded secret sex-capade with Jax Taylor

This is definitely a case of the snake eating it’s tail.

The reunion is painful. Watching Lisa Vanderpump pretending to rebuff her employees for sleeping with each other….admonishing them for fighting with one another in the restaurant. As if people like me didn’t drive from San Diego to eat at that crappy restaurant just for the chance to see that drama play out in real time. (I did, and sadly no one from the cast was working so I was just served lackluster food….boring).

You can’t fire everyone with impulse control problems and expect to have a show LVP.

The show is imploding. The people being fired are the people that fans tuned in to watch because you never knew what they might say or do.

Now we are left with Tom and Ariana? Seriously? Mr and Mrs Judgy Judgerton?

And Tom Schwartz and Katie? Tom is pretty cute, but I don’t see what Katie brings to the SUR table? Their sexless marriage can only keep us engaged for so long. And Tom is nothing without Jax to coerce him into trouble.

I had checked out of watching VP Rules amid Covid so I am just now getting caught up. And I feel like I am swirling down a bath tub drain….watching these beloved hot messes collapse into themselves like a black hole. I knew they were self-destructive, but I expected a different ending to this almost decades long masterpiece.

It all just makes me uncomfortable and not in a good way.

I think Scheana and Stassi and Brittney just need to go away for about 10 years and re emerge as Real Housewives. They have kind of entered the obscurity years anyway. Too old to entertain us with their wild partying, too young to have a history and good back story for the Real Housewives.

Seriously, after 10 years of being pressured to lead a drama filled life, it’s time to curl up on the couch under a comforter and catch up on sleep and all of the good television you’ve missed out on.

I look forward to watching Scheana the single cougar at age 44 hooking up with the pool boy, and Stassi fresh off of her 3rd divorce raising a 10 year-old Swedish princess and showing us her mothering skills, and sweet Brittney still turning a blind eye to Jax cheating.

Watching the ladies vaca together in Turks and Caicos and riminess about the good times at SUR.

Season 9 has not even started filming yet and there is no plan at the moment for filming to start so this may be the end!

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