The Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie divorce gets ugly

Shayne Lamas took the world by storm in 2008 when she starred on The Bachelor…and won. Sadly the engagement didn’t even last until the shows finale.

And in her defense, Bachelor Matt Grant turned out to be quite a status seeking douche bag. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that Shayne would soon win the heart of someone that was a lot more together.

Sadly, 2 years later she met blogger Nik Richie while on vacation with her sisters and step mom Shauna Sand in Las Vegas at a cheerleading competition.

Shayne gave an amazing synopsis of the epic situation on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop show a few days ago. She described the encounter as awkward and aggressive. She also said she hooked up with Nik in a moment of vulnerability which prompted her to agree to marry him a day later!

The world was shocked when her marriage was announced thinking surely it was a publicity stunt, but the joke was on us because the two stayed together for 11 years and have 2 children together.

And at first it appeared the divorce was amicable and there were no hard feelings, but luckily neither of them has been able to control their disdain for the other and the truth is coming out in a big way.

At first Nik went on JuicyScoop to dis his soon to be ex — calling her “Onassis” because she allegedly just married him for money and clout and no there is no prenup or postnup. But the funny thing is that means Nik thinks he is Aristotle Onassis, who was one of the world’ wealthiest and most powerful men.

He also accused Shayne of being a prescription drug addict, and extremely lazy and unmotivated. Although when he gave examples of picking up her prescriptions at CVS, he revealed they were for things like Adderall. Adderall is an ADD med for 10-year-old kids. It’s not Fentanyl. So it makes me think he is grossly exaggerating.

Shayne shot back describing Nik as a huge narcissistic douche bag whose first concern after they got married was that her name received the top billing in the press. She claimed he was delusional about his fame and money saying that when they started out he was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a room mate and driving a Ford Expedition with a breathalyzer that he had to blow in to as a result of a recent DUI.

She insisted Nik was verbally abusive and a compulsive liar. Shayne said she was never given any information about the couples finances, but was given a moderate monthly allowance.

The final straw, she claimed, was when her sister Dakota Pike gave birth to a baby girl that was addicted to heroine. Sister Dakota had fallen in to hard times and drug addiction and as a result had her baby taken away from her by CPS as soon as it was born. Shayne wanted to adopt the baby and Nik was adamantly opposed.

The couple live in a nice house in Orange County — which they rent because Nik is constantly being sued and thus can’t ever show that he has assets on paper (per Shayne). Another weird thing that Nik said is that he gave his website away for free because ‘he couldn’t live with himself if he took money for it’.

The claim immediately made me think he is hiding assets. No one gives away a multi-million dollar asset out of some moral obligation, let alone someone like Nik. He also said he was in the crypto currency business and had created something called “Nik-Coin” where people could invest in him.

So my theory is that Nik ‘gave the website away’ and then with a wink and a nudge the new owners purchased millions of dollars in “Nik-Coin” thus causing the value to increase 10 fold. (Nik claims it started at $10 and is now at $100), This way Nik continues to have no assets on paper until he cashes in his Nik-Coin. I mean who else would purchase Nik-Coin?

Nik lamented about the fact that there was no prenup or even a postnup so he has even more reasons to hide assets.

The two had been in talks to star on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but their divorce has allegedly tanked the deal. The two were friends with Kelly Dodd, but when she got fired, Nik claims Bravo axed any plans to have them on the show.

Shayne claims that she is still in talks to do the show without Nik. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Just pointing out, there are people who have a horrible Adderall addiction. It’s an addictive substance. Not saying Shayne is addicted to it, but it’s irresponsible to dismiss Adderall as something harmless.


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