Ben Patton’s journey on ‘Ready for Love’ draws closer to an end Tarryn, Angela, and Allie get dirty

Ready for Love bachelor Ernesto Arguello scaled the wall of cubes last night to profess his love for amazing girl Shandi in one of the most amazing reality TV love endings ever! The finale was supposed to be next Tuesday, but Ernesto was not gonna wait one more second. So the dramatic decision left only two … Read more

Ben Patton — Bio — Wiki

Ben Patton Bachelor Ready for Love 2013 Ben Patton — Bio — Wiki UPDATED: October 19th, 2015 Age: 34 Occupation: Businessman Birthday: Born Feb. 22, 1981 Zodiac: Pisces Enneagram number: 6, The Loyalist Hometown: Dallas, TX High School: Denton’s Ryan High School Mother: Soraya Fletcher Father: George Patton Step-father: Joseph Fletcher Brothers: Matt Patton, Peter Fletcher, 28 Sisters: Joelle Fletcher, 24 Rachel Fletcher, … Read more