Who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers?

Monday night Bachelor Ben Higgins takes his amazing ladies on Hometowns to meet their families and presumably ask for their hand in marriage….from all 4 sets of parents! And one Hometown appears to go horribly wrong when Ben meets the brothers of 24-year-old Dallas real estate developer Joelle Fletcher. So who are Jojo Fletcher’s brothers? They are … Read more

Ben Patton and Jamie Otis: They’re freaking “dating”!

I don’t even know where to begin with this blog post because my mind is being blown to schrapnel with the news that recently-no-longer-reality-TV-engaged Ben Patton, one of the three leading dudes from NBC’s Ready for Love, is now dating former Ben Flajnik (The Bachelor) and Chris Bukowski (Bachelor Pad 3) dumpee Jamie Otis. Whhaaaaa??? … Read more

Ben Patton’s journey on ‘Ready for Love’ draws closer to an end Tarryn, Angela, and Allie get dirty

Ready for Love bachelor Ernesto Arguello scaled the wall of cubes last night to profess his love for amazing girl Shandi in one of the most amazing reality TV love endings ever! The finale was supposed to be next Tuesday, but Ernesto was not gonna wait one more second. So the dramatic decision left only two … Read more

Ready for Love: Eva Longoria and Ben Patton dated!

Ben Patton Ready for Love

Ok, this is getting comical. First, we read about the current rumors swirling around that Ready for Love Bachelor Ernesto Arguello and Eva Longoria are dating. Now, apparently they aren’t really dating, they’re just living together. Meaning, Ernesto and god knows who else from the show are crashing at Eva’s place while they’re in Los … Read more