Brad Smith cries in TV interview about Bianka Kamber break-up

brad-smith and bianca engagement

Well I have to say that Bachelor Brad Smith has been the consummate professional and an excellent example for all Bachelors to follow. He and fiancé 31-year-old Croatian nurse Bianka Kamber have handled their relationship with the utmost professionalism and now are handling their break-up with that same professionalism. The 30-year-old CFL Player from Toronto, Ontario took to CityTV … Read more

Why did Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber break-up?

Brad Smith and fiancé Bianka Kamber sadly announced their split this morning after 2 years of dating. The couple seemed absolutely made for each other always happy and upbeat making today’s break-up news even more shocking. They put out a statement this morning, March 19, 2014 on Twitter stating: “Although we love each other intensely, we both want different … Read more