Brad Smith cries in TV interview about Bianka Kamber break-up

Well I have to say that Bachelor Brad Smith has been the consummate professional and an excellent example for all Bachelors to follow. He and fiancé 31-year-old Croatian nurse Bianka Kamber have handled their relationship with the utmost professionalism and now are handling their break-up with that same professionalism.

The 30-year-old CFL Player from Toronto, Ontario took to CityTV today (the network that aired The Bachelor Canada in 2012) to explain his break-up with Bianka Kamber to reporter Dina Pugliese.

You can see that Brad can not even read the statement! He breaks out into an uncontrollable fit of tears as Dina reads the statement that the couple released online yesterday. Here is the video. Get your tissues ready.

The couple announced their split yesterday, March 19, 2014 on Twitter stating:

“Although we love each other intensely, we both want different things out of life,” …..“We wouldn’t change a single thing about our experience. This was more than just a television show to us, it was real life, and real love.”

Here is the full statement here:

In the interview with Dina, Brad explains why he is going public with this announcement:

‘This is how we met on TV — we wanted, after telling our family and friends, to really give it back to the people and own the fact that this is not a scandalous or salacious thing– this is just finding love in a weird way and then having to deal with real life after.’

More on Brad and Bianka here!

Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber Source: CityTV
Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber
Source: CityTV

Dina explains that Brad had expressed to her off-camera that it is difficult being so public and the pressure to keep up a pretense of a successful relationship. Sounds like the pressure may have played a role in the dissolution of the relationship.

Here are some tweets leading up to the break-up showing a few clues…

Brad insists in the interview that there is nothing salacious about the break-up–that the two just have different goals in life.

Well, This is quite a situation for sure. It’s obvious that their connection was very real and circumstances outside their control got in the way. I suspect this is a simple geographic problem. I am betting that Brad’s new job as an entertainment reporter required an unmanageable relocation for the pair. We were certainly rooting for these two to make it. They obviously found real love through this amazing process.


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