What went wrong in the production and casting of the 2nd season of Married at First Sight?

If you have finished watching the 2nd season of Married at First Sight you know it was a train wreck of epic proportions! The 3 women: Jessica Castro, 30, receptionist in Manhattan, N.Y., Jaclyn Methuen, 33, sales representative for a vodka brand in N.Y., and Davina Kullar, 34, biopharmaceutical sales rep in New York City seemed like excellent … Read more

How much are the Married at First Sight contestants paid?

Don’t you often wonder why in the world regular people would allow cameras to follow them around and film their relationship? For example the 3 couples on A&E’s show Married at First Sight — who in their right mind would volunteer for this? And most importantly is their monetary compensation? Answer: YES! According to a … Read more