How much are the Married at First Sight contestants paid?

Don’t you often wonder why in the world regular people would allow cameras to follow them around and film their relationship? For example the 3 couples on A&E’s show Married at First Sight — who in their right mind would volunteer for this? And most importantly is their monetary compensation?

Answer: YES!

According to a production insider the contestants are paid—and paid quite well. She says:

“I will try to answer some questions however I have to watch to not give my identity away…..

“Single people receive $5000 an episode. Marry couples get $20,000 an episode which is a very big incentive to stay together.”

“Last I heard none of the women are signing the contract to continue as it is a 5 year commitment that they can film you whenever they want up to five years and you do not get paid unless you are actually in an episode.”

“For second year of marriage Jamie & Doug/ Courtney & Jason are getting $40,000 per episode.”

“So you know these season 2 women are serious if they are walking away from that $ instead of faking it.”

Unfortunately all 3 women are walking away from their chosen partners. I think the people in charge of picking the men have some hell to pay. More on that to come.

Dr. Joseph Cilona, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Greg Epstein and Dr. Logan Levkoff matched the couples based on their professional expertise.

The six cast members are:

  • Sean Varricchio, 35, trauma nurse in New Jersey.
  • Ryan Ranellone, 28, real estate agent from Long Island, N.Y.
  • Ryan De Nino, 29, business owner from Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Jessica Castro, 30, receptionist in Manhattan, N.Y.
  • Jaclyn Methuen, 33, sales representative for a vodka brand in N.Y.
  • Davina Kullar, 34, biopharmaceutical sales rep in New York City.

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