Carla Rodriguez Bachelor 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter


Carla Rodriguez Bachelor 2014 Carla Rodriguez Bio Full Name: Carla Andreina Rodriguez Reyes We decided since Juan Pablo Galavis is so tight with is baby mama Carla Rodriguez that she needed her own amazing lady page because let’s be honest, it’s very possible that Carla will get the final rose. BTW 4-year-old daughter Camila also got an … Read more

What do Juan Pablo Galavis’ ex girlfriends say about him?

Two of the most important questions on The Bachelor every season are 1: who are the ex-girlfriends and 2: what do they say about him? It’s always about the exes! So what do Juan Pablo Galavis’ ex girlfriends say about him? Us Weekly tracked down two of the 32-year-old single dad’s ex-girlfriends to see what they thought … Read more

Camila Galavis Bachelor 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Camila Galavis Bachelor 2014 Click here to view the rest of the Bachelor 2014 contestants! Camila Galavis Bio Full Name: Camila Valentina Galavis Age: 4 Occupation: 4-year-old Hometown: Miami, Fla. Mother: Carla Andreina Rodriguez Reyes Father: Juan Pablo Galavis Height: 3’0″ Best Attributes: I’m loyal, I love my family, I’m feisty Greatest Achievement: Being 4 Camila Galavis … Read more