Kim Richards exposing Harry Hamlin in new book?

The scandal that just won’t die on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the bizarre beef between Kim Richards and Harry Hamlin. Granted both of them barely appear on the show, but there is a secret….a deep-seated secret that has yet to be released. And the secret is so explosive, in 2015, it prompted Lisa … Read more

Is Harry Hamlin cheating on wife Lisa Rinna?

Is Harry Hamlin cheating on wife Lisa Rinna? Back in 2016 there were a lot of cheating rumors swirling around Lisa Rinna’s A-List actor husband, Harry Hamlin. They first came to light thanks to former housewife Kim Richards in Amsterdam when Kim dropped some not-so-subtle hints of an affair by Harry to Rinna, during a big … Read more

The Harry Hamlin cheating scandal resurfaces

So the Harry Hamlin cheating rumors have re-surfaced this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ok,ok, Kim Richards never actually said “cheating”, she merely claimed she had some really big dirt on Rinna’s husband,  A-list actor Harry Hamlin. Last year I wrote about the evidence suggesting Hamlin may be secretly gay. That is one theory. What … Read more

Harry Hamlin cheating rumors swirl on 2016 RHOBH

This should be called “The Harry Hamlin Gay Conspiracy Part 2”, although to be fair the cheating allegations do not implicate that 64-year-old Hamlin cheated with a man, but they certainly are interesting juxtaposed to the Kim Richards allegations. According to RadarOnline Real Housewife and former Days of Our Lives star Lisa Rinna, 52 will have … Read more

The Harry Hamlin gay conspiracy

Normally I don’t write much about the Real Housewives because I don’t simply want to rehash what happened on the episode. But on Tuesday night I had an epiphany regarding the battle between Kim Richards, 51 and Lisa Rinna, 52 on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And I know, I know. This is not new…this … Read more