The Harry Hamlin gay conspiracy

Normally I don’t write much about the Real Housewives because I don’t simply want to rehash what happened on the episode. But on Tuesday night I had an epiphany regarding the battle between Kim Richards, 51 and Lisa Rinna, 52 on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And I know, I know. This is not new…this notion of a Harry Hamlin gay conspiracy, but some things from Tuesday’s episode really solidified that that is the “big secret” in my mind that Kim is threatening to expose.

Here is my case for The Harry Hamlin gay conspiracy

1: The magnitude of the anger coming from Lisa Rinna as a result of the threats suggest that Kim actually has something pretty damning on “her husband”. Remember the threatening texts from Lisa to Kim?

“Be very careful or I will f–k you up,” and “Your behavior and the way you treat people is not OK. You are nasty, and you need to be stopped now.”

I can’t imagine that Rinna would be worried about Kim making allegations about anything since Kim does not have much credibility so this suggests to me that Kim has actual evidence.

2: Lisa going on friend Jenny McCarthy’s radio show and talking about wearing a strap on for Harry. Obviously Lisa is a genius at PR and just “owning” an issue. This way she gets out ahead of it in case Kim releases something incriminating. Every celebrity PR agent will tell you the best way to do crisis management is to come out in front of something before it hits the news.

Notice Jenny asks if Harry might be a little bi-sexual to which Lisa responds…no.

So now if evidence emerges that Hamlin is a little bit gay or a lot gay they can say “oh we are just a couple that likes to experiment, but Harry is totally straight…just a little kinky.”

Obviously pal Jenny McCarthy was helping her friend out.

3: Remember Lisa Rinna asked if she should send Kim a “Happy Birthday” wish on Twitter to which Harry responded “go for it”. Kyle said “no way”. But this was Lisa’s way of trying to kill Kim with kindness and keep her from talking and clearly Harry has a stake in this game too!

Source: Bravo
Source: Bravo

So then the big question is how did Kim get this scandal on Harry?…from her sister Kyle? No way. Lisa and Kyle are way too friendly and I don’t think Lisa is dumb enough to disclose this secret to ANYONE on this show.

So who then? It’s gotta be BFF Brandi Glanville who is seriously angry that she was booted from her lucrative $400,000 a season gig on the show for the likes of Lisa Rinna.

Not to mention Rinna is lashing out on Twitter at Kim and Brandi together. In one tweet she said,

“Who has lawsuits filed against them as we speak? Kim and Brandi. one for a dog and one for a p***y. And goodnight.”

Notice a subtle threat–“you don’t want another lawsuit filed against you, do you?”

Brandi always has dirt on people. And I also don’t dismiss the possibility that Lisa Vanderpump is somehow behind this being that she likes to “do her sniping from the side” as Erika Jayne so eloquently expressed. Especially since Lisa Vanderpump runs the West Hollywood gay mafia and must have the dirt on all of the secretly gay celebrities.

But Brandi has a lot of friends on the inside in her own right, and Brandi is a serious Scorpion. I don’t know if she’s a Scorpio but she acts like one! She wants revenge.

That’s why Kyle was complaining about Brandi always tweeting pictures of her and sister Kim together. It was Bravo’s way of tying it all together for us without blatantly “outing” anyone.

Here’s the situation in my opinion:

Kim got dirt from Brandi Glanville that Harry Hamlin is gay or bi-sexual and Kim is a serious loose cannon and anything could set her off. The dirt may or may not have trickled in from Lisa Vanderpump aka Bobby Fischer (hence the conversation about Lisa being Bobby Fischer–again Bravo’s little way of throwing it all out there without getting anyone in trouble or sued).

I think Kyle reconnecting with Kim was also Kyle’s way of trying to protect Lisa Rinna.

I think Brandi may also be looking for a pay-off since she is bitter about missing out on that big Bravo check.

It appears to me to be a LOT of subtle threats going back and forth and a negotiation happening on screen. But even if Rinna pays off Brandi and Kim the information is likely coming from somewhere else (Lisa Vanderpump) and all bets are off that it won’t ever be released–especially if releasing it helps ratings!

But damn Brandi has some balls. I’m worried someone is going to put a hit on her. You can’t mess with the Hollywood gay mafia! But then again a Scorpion will strike back regardless of the consequences. So don’t piss off a Scorpion!

Photo Source: Bravo

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  1. I usually never make my way through an entire article on people with life preserver lips or turtles with English accents (I do love me some Erika Jayne cause, money or not, she’s a real girl). However, I must say damn christine Lo. You can write one entertaining and attention holding article. Thanks girl. West side gay mafia…priceless.

  2. Harry was two-timing Rinna with Julianne Phillips when they worked on Allie & Me. Phillips broke it off when she found out about Rinna, but Harry was not having it – he wanted more. Rumor is he attacked Phillips, Rinna threatened Phillips and Phillips left town and never worked in the biz again. Everyone knew about this in 1997 but is has been major league hushed up. Someone ask Rinna if she has seen Julianne Phillips lately. Rinna will blow a gasket.


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