Michael Stagliano Girlfriend Watch 2012: He says he’s fallen in love!!

On Thursday, Michael finally tweeted an Instagram photo of him and his new girlfriend, Emily Tuchscherer. In his blog post for the Bachelor Pad 3 finale, Michael said, “This is without a doubt the happiest I have ever been in my life.” He adds, “I am very much in love.” — Kind of amazing considering the … Read more

Michael Stagliano’s Chicago girlfriend: Emily Tuchscherer

Well, the finale of Bachelor Pad 3 just aired and we finally got to hear Michael Stagliano address not only his relationship (or, lack thereof) with Rachel Truehart, but also his current relationship with Emily Tuchsherer from Chicago. Michael addressed this situation even further in his final Bachelor Pad 3 blog on “I’d like … Read more

Chicago girlfriend revealed: Michael Stagliano and Emily Tuchscherer

Michael Stagliano from ABC's "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad"

**UPDATE 8/30 – Our source, reader Stephie C, has updated us with new last-name info for Stagliano’s current girlfriend. Her middle name might be Cahill? Not sure where the Cahill comes in, but her last name is Tuchscherer. Supporting this claim there is an “Emily Tuchscherer (Emily Cahill)” on Pinterest. Here are our updates from … Read more