Michael Stagliano engaged! …to Emily Tuchscherer

Well, you heard it here first, folks! Yes, I know we’re late to the party with the report on the actual engagement. But, if you recall, we posted some amazing intel from one of our very enthusiastic readers, Stephie C, back in September that not only were these two dating, but they were (pretty darn … Read more

Rachel Truehart claims she’s moved on from Michael Stagliano

Rachel Truehart family support

We’ve been following the Michael Stagliano Rachel Truehart situation in detail since Bachelor Pad 3 aired. They were without a doubt one of the biggest situations on the Pad this season and especially on the finale where Rachel confronted Michael about leading her on. BTW, Ok! Here is the Situation broke the exclusive story that … Read more

Evidence Michael Stagliano was dating Emily Tuchscherer before Bachelor Pad

We received an amazing piece of evidence from one of our readers that Michael Stagliano was indeed dating his current girlfriend, Emily Tuchscherer, prior to going on Bachelor Pad 3. You can see the date on screenshot featuring the Instagram pic of Michael with his arms crossed in front of him wearing sunglasses is 8-30-2012 … Read more

Michael Stagliano pictures!

Looks like Michael’s long distance relationship with Emily Tuscherer is stronger than ever! He famously broke Rachel Truehart’s heart on Bachelor Pad 3. Rachel discovered Michael not only had a girlfriend but he had a long-distance girlfriend — interesting because he claimed he couldn’t date Rachel because it was “long-distance”. Never-the-less Michael has been very … Read more

Michael Stagliano rejects Rachel: Chris Harrison weighs in

During a Thursday media conference call with reporters, Chris Harrison discussed Bachelor Pad 3 and gave some hints about the “disturbing finale”.  When asked to dish on the Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart situation he said Michael is not in love with Rachel…. Chris Harrison: You know, it’s probably half and half.  Rachel had a — … Read more

Chicago girlfriend revealed: Michael Stagliano and Emily Tuchscherer

Michael Stagliano from ABC's "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad"

**UPDATE 8/30 – Our source, reader Stephie C, has updated us with new last-name info for Stagliano’s current girlfriend. Her middle name might be Cahill? Not sure where the Cahill comes in, but her last name is Tuchscherer. Supporting this claim there is an “Emily Tuchscherer (Emily Cahill)” on Pinterest. Here are our updates from … Read more

Who is Michael Stagliano dating? His not-so-secret girlfriend in Chicago

Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad 3

**UPDATE 8/29** We now know “Emily from Chicago’s” full name, it’s Emily Cahill. WOW! Last night the finale of Bachelor Pad 3 was taped in LA. And even though we don’t like show spoilers (like, who wins all of the cash), we do like reading up on who is dating who and any juicy love-related … Read more