‘Ladies of London’: Why was Noelle Reno’s boyfriend Scot Young in prison?

Tonight on the premiere of Ladies of London on Bravo, one of the first situations that was addressed was Noelle Reno’s boyfriend  51-year-old Scot Young and his rather sketchy financial situation. You can tell right away that the ladies are not quite sold on Scot’s claim that he is “broke”. Right away we are introduced to … Read more

The Noelle Reno and boyfriend Scot Young divorce situation

Elizabeth Noelle Reno, star of Bravo’s new reality show Ladies of London is a businesswoman, designer and TV presenter, but like many of these women, she is perhaps best known for her relationships. The 30-year-old American model/socialite from Seattle was engaged to banking magnet Matthew Mellon in 2004 but the engagement ended in 2008. Now she is involved with … Read more