Scot Young’s ex wife Michelle Young awarded £ 20 million in divorce settlement

On Bravo’s new series Ladies of London we are introduced to 30-year-old social climber Noelle Reno and her controversial and rather nefarious boyfriend Scot Young, 51. Scot has been involved in a brutal divorce from wife Michelle Young, 49 for 8 years. The ongoing divorce becomes a focal point of the show. The show begins as Scot is released from prison … Read more

The Noelle Reno and boyfriend Scot Young divorce situation

Elizabeth Noelle Reno, star of Bravo’s new reality show Ladies of London is a businesswoman, designer and TV presenter, but like many of these women, she is perhaps best known for her relationships. The 30-year-old American model/socialite from Seattle was engaged to banking magnet Matthew Mellon in 2004 but the engagement ended in 2008. Now she is involved with … Read more