5 Interesting things to know about Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe and marriage

5 Interesting things to know about Sean Lowe 1. He has dated not one but two Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Brook Sorenson She was on DCC from 2006-2010. AND he dated a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader named Ryan Ray. Ryan joined the squad in 2008 2. Despite being a self-proclaimed born-again-virgin he DID have sex with wife Catherine Giudici in the … Read more

Sean Lowe — Bio — Wiki, religion, family, ex girlfriends etc.

Sean Lowe and marriage

Sean Lowe — Bio — Wiki, religion, family, ex girlfriends etc. The Bachelor season 17 (2013) UPDATED 11/21/2015 Name: Sean Lowe Full Name: Sean Thomas Lowe Shows The Bachelor season 17 The Bachelorette season 8 Age: 32 Occupation: Businessman/Author Birthday: November 16, 1983 Zodiac: Scorpio Enneagram number: 6, The Loyalist Hometown: Born in Arlington, Texas. Lives in Dallas, TX. Grew up in Irving, Texas Religion: Baptist Christian … Read more

The Bachelorette’s Sean Lowe on Being Christian

sean lowe bachelorette

Even though ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are mainly about romance and finding a husband/wife in just 9 weeks (on TV), one undercurrent we’ve been noticing on the shows is: FAITH. Especially when the lead, like this season’s lead, Bachelorette Emily Maynard, is vocal about her faith, the contestants just seem to start yammering … Read more