New Bachelor Sean Lowe and Jenna Burke: They hooked up!!

Jenna Burke, The Bachelor

[alert type=’alert’] Situation Update! 1/8/13 [/alert] After watching last night’s Big Premiere of The Bachelor Season 17, we were reminded of this little post we wrote back in September. As you’ll recall, when Sean was talking to former Flajnik fling Kacie Boguskie, he said a couple of things like “Wow, this is crazy because I … Read more

ABC makes it official: Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor

Sean Lowe The Bachelor season 17

ABC makes it official: Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor ! They just announced that Sean will be their next Bachelor for the 2013 season!!!! Which means 1) ABC did listen to input from fans and 2) Reality Steve is finally wrong (he had previously stated that he was 1000% sure the next Bachelor would … Read more

Sean Lowe Bachelor Watch: Producers are at Sean’s house right now!

Sean Lowe Bachelor Watch 2013 Alert! Today Reality Steve announced that producers are currently at Sean Lowe’s parents house shooting for the 2013 Bachelor. Steve tweeted, “I can confirm that producers are currently at Sean’s parents house shooting his intro video. Safe to say Sean is the next Bachelor.” We are still waiting for the official ABC … Read more

Why I am 98% sure Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor

sean lowe bachelorette

I teased the fact that I am 98% sure Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor on Twitter yesterday, but was too tired to jam this post out last night. So, here you go. In this post you will find all of the evidence I’ve gathered to form my “Sean Lowe next Bachelor” opinion. First of … Read more

Bachelor hopeful Sean Lowe posts adorable pics on Twitter

We are on 24 hour “Sean Lowe next Bachelor” watch! It sounds like it’s definitely Sean since Lochte is out, Roberto is out and Arie has already announced he is going to work on his racing career, but we need ABC to make it official! In the meantime, Bachelor hopeful Sean Lowe has been posting … Read more

Sean Lowe’s trip to Los Angeles: Is he the next Bachelor?

Is Sean Lowe currently in ABC discussions about becoming the next Bachelor? We know he made a mid-week trip to Los Angeles last week according to Twitter (thank God for Twitter — keeping us abreast of these important Bachelor situations!) and it left us wondering if he was meeting with producers to discuss becoming the … Read more

Vote in our poll: Who would you like to see as the next Bachelor?

Who would you prefer to see as ABC’s next Bachelor? Sean Lowe, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. or Roberto Martinez? ABC claims they listen to the fans, so VOTE NOW and we will show them our results. Now that it’s clear Arie is winning we can admit how much we love Arie. To follow the amazing situation … Read more

‘Men Tell All’: Sean Lowe addresses the Bachelor question

Sean Lowe Travis Pope Charlie Grogan Bachelorette Men Tell All

Bachelorette heart throb Sean Lowe spoke to the press at the Men Tell All taping and discussed his experience on The Bachelorette. Interestingly, Sean still seems to be pining away for Emily, expressing that he “truly fell in love with the Bachelorette” and needed time to get over her. He also says obviously they were … Read more

The Bachelorette’s Sean Lowe on Being Christian

sean lowe bachelorette

Even though ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are mainly about romance and finding a husband/wife in just 9 weeks (on TV), one undercurrent we’ve been noticing on the shows is: FAITH. Especially when the lead, like this season’s lead, Bachelorette Emily Maynard, is vocal about her faith, the contestants just seem to start yammering … Read more