Shandi Finnessey, Ernesto Arguello’s Ex Wishes Him and Eva Longoria the Best

Remember the dramatic finale of Ready For Love’s Ernesto Arguello and Shandi Finnessey’s relationship, when Ernesto scaled the cube wall because he could not wait another episode to reveal his choice to the world? The two broke up before the show even aired! (That’s what happens when production takes 9 months). The gorgeous Ready For … Read more

Ernesto Arguello and Eva Longoria moving in together?

Ernesto Arguello and Eva Longoria shocked everyone last month by officially proclaiming they were a couple! So now the two are out and about recently spotted house hunting according to Just Jared! The 38-year-old actress/producer and her 34-year-old entrepreneur boyfriend were spotted house hunting around Los Angeles. Charismatic Ernesto opened the car door for his … Read more

Eva Longoria and Ernesto Arguello dating? She says “No”

Ernesto Arguello Ready For Love

Wow! This is an interesting situation! Right on the heels of the announcement that NBC’s Ready For Love has been cancelled, rumors began circulating that executive producer Eva Longoria is dating bachelor Ernesto Arguello! Longoria tweeted: “WHAT?! AGAIN? Sorry guys, still not dating @ernestoarguello Who are these ‘sources’??” Longoria’s rep also denied the report to … Read more

When does ‘Ready for Love’ premiere?

If you are like us you are dying for someone to take the reigns on Bachelor-like dating shows and deliver some high-quality reality love situations. Obviously we LOVE The Bachelor, but we are wondering if producer Mike Fleiss has kind of lost his grip on what makes this show so awesome. Luckily there is a … Read more

Courtney Robertson’s ‘Bachelor’ episode 2 one-on-one date: What is she hiding?

Last night Courtney was in rare form portraying the quintessential, classic, egotistical, b!tchy LA model that Bachelor viewers love so much. “I would like a one-on-one date. It would be like a shot in the arm that I could use right now,” she tells the interviewer, even quoting Charlie Sheen’s famous line “winning.” Fan favorite and … Read more

‘Bachelor 16’ Courtney Robertson’s Enneagram personality breakdown

Tonight we got a little more insight into amazing lady and professional model Courtney Robertson. We here at OK! Here is the Situation love doing a personality breakdown and we love employing the enneagram to analyze personalities. The enneagram is an ancient tool that dates back to the beginning of civilization and the ancient Sufis. … Read more

Our favorite Chris Harrison poses and hand gestures

It’s no secret that we LOVE Chris Harrison! Chris is a consummate situation professional. In fact there are not enough words in the English language to describe why Chris Harrison is SO amazing, but the following is a collection of Chris Harrison situation poses and postures that reveal why we love him so much! In fact each of these postures … Read more

Model Courtney Robertson dumps long-time boyfriend to meet Ben Flajnik

Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t the only celeb-amazing lady willing to drop everything to meet Ben Flajnik. Courtney Robertson is a bit of a celebrity in and of herself. She dated Desperate Housewives hottie Jesse Metcalfe, Eva Longoria’s boy toy gardener on the show. She even joined him on the red carpet for the EMMY Awards … Read more