Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe set up home in Nashville

In light of recent rumors that Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and fiance Shawn Booth broke up some time ago and are currently faking their relationship as part of some financial scheme, the two are presenting evidence to the contrary —- evidence showing that they are still in fact together and moving forward—and moving to Nashville. Shawn has been using … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth over — relationship is a sham and a business deal

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are over!! What’s that? They just got matching tattoos? I know, but it’s over. I presume the matching bird tattoos are fake just like the relationship. OkMagazine claims that the Bachelorette stars have been over for months—which would mean they broke up right after their season aired! But the two are staying together as part … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth moving to Nashville!

Much to the surprise of us and probably ABC, Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are still together! AND they have plans to take this relationship to the next level. They are moving to Nashville, Tennessee. A source told OK! magazine, “Later in the month they’ll likely be moving to the East Coast to live in Nashville for a bit.” Thus … Read more