Who is Tom Sandoval’s mom Terri Sandoval?

Last night after 4 seasons of Vanderpump Rules we FINALLY got to meet Tom Sandoval’s mom Terri Sandoval and she is very interesting. Who would have thought that such a girly man like Tom would have such a badass mom, but he does. Terri Sandoval now Terri Marie Green, 56 was a firefighter in St. Louis … Read more

Tom Schwartz & Sandoval get terrible tattoos in Vegas, Kristen issues a terrible apology to Ariana and Tom’s mom comes to visit

Tonight on Vanderpump Rules we learned that Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval did not escape from Las Vegas without getting in to a little trouble. Yes both got drunk and got terrible tattoos on their right butt cheeks for their respective girlfriends. Sandoval is obviously lamenting his impulsive decision since his tattoo, an “A” for Ariana … Read more